New compilation and crowdfunder to raise money for Save Our Venues charity

By August 10, 2020 Culture, Listen, News

A new compilation titled ‘Formed By A River’, developed by Hull band, Bloodhound sets out to showcase unused material by artists from all stretches of the M62, including Hull, Manchester, Leeds, York, and Scunthorpe. This material includes live tracks, demos, new songs, and covers that have never seen the light of day.

All proceeds from sales of the CD via Crowdfunder will be donated to the Save Our Venues charity campaign.

On first single, ‘Probably Comparable’, NEWMEDS say: “This was one of the first songs we jammed as a 4 piece with. Just before we recorded it we thought of it as a single. When it came to recording it, we decided the production wasn’t right for the sound. The song is about obsession and not letting the past die. The title comes from the film American Psycho, we originally had a short sample from the film at the start of the track too. I still like to think we will use this track as inspiration for something similar in the future.

We are really happy to be part of something so rare and hopefully only once in a lifetime. It’s great to see something positive done in a time when all we hear is negativity in the news. It’s also great to be put side to side with many bands we respect, and also for people to be able to hear a track we probably never would have released!! Well done to Max and thanks for having us involved!

The tracklisting is as follows:


  1. Probably Comparable (Demo) – NEWMEDS
  2. Two Footsteps In The Sand (Demo) – Field Testing
  3. Fun House Mirror (Live at Cafe INDIE) – Let Man Loose
  4. Logic – Bloodhound (pictured)
  5. Mr. Nine (Demo) – Sugarstone
  6. Metal (Gary Numan cover) – Fossick
  7. Ingratitude (Stripped Down) – King Orange
  8. Pansy (Live at FortyFive Vinyl) – Faux Pas
  9. Don’t You Ever Sleep (Live at Young Thugs) – Low Hummer
  10. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) [Talking Heads cover] – Joe Russell-Brown
  11. Boy Meets Girl (Acoustic Demo) – Rafael Mendes-Browne
  12. Once I Was (Tim Buckley cover) – Kitty VR

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