Poem: Jodie Langford- ‘Ice-cream After School’

By Andrew Gooch
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This time, we have a real treat for you poetry fans out there. For our guest writer in this entry, is none other than Hull’s own young rising star of the Spoken Word scene; Jodie Langford with a piece she’s entitled ‘Ice-cream After School’

It’s not a treat if you have it every day
And I just can’t look at you the same

Darling there’s something lost in you that I can never find
And I know you do your best
But the best won’t make up for time
Cus a treat ain’t a treat if you have it every day
And I can’t look at you the same

I can feel the pain I cause when I don’t make a response
But I’m soul searching in the dark
And you don’t light up anymore
I love you darling, I do
But I don’t feel whole when I hold you

I’ll still write you letters on bus windows when the rain has come and gone
And draw pictures in chalk on the ten foot you grew up
But only now and then
Cus a treat ain’t a treat if you have it every day

And I used to feel electric when you stepped into my vision
But something made an incision
In my wiring
And now the power has cut
Tried patching it up- but I feared the static
Running through my body
I’m not being over dramatic
I just can’t look at you the same
A treat ain’t a treat if you have it every day
Why’s it so hard to explain?

You see your midnight mumbling in your dreams
Used to bring me peace
But now it does it’s best to aggravate me
And I used to think it was cute when you stuck out your bottom lip
But now I think it’s childish and that you should get a grip
And I hate my hatred for you
Because you’ve done nothing wrong
Our time spent together has just gone on for too long

Now we’re not ready to live alone
But everything feels so slow
I’ve seen the mould grow on our windowsill
And the distance we sleep apart
I try and convince myself that I’ll feel it all again
That you’ll be more than just a friend
But it’s all just pretend

You were dessert for breakfast but then I had you daily
I became accustomed to your sweet bite and it hasn’t lifted me lately
A treat ain’t a treat if you have it every day
And I just can’t look at you the same

No no you’re NOT to blame!
There isn’t other reasoning behind
My lack of lust for your eyes on me
Sometimes I’m the tide
And when you come out to swim
The water is thin
Only up to your shin
And I don’t come back in
The stones you skim no longer send ripples through my body

You just need to understand
That one day you’ll prefer the sand
And you’ll find beauty in its golden grain
Yeah the texture isn’t the same
But this time it welcomes you home
In the sole of your boots and between your toes
It may cause dismay
Get in the way
But hey,
A treat ain’t a treat if you have it every day.




Jodie Langford is a young poet who lives in Hull.Writing became her outlet of expression as a young teen, and like most- stumbled into the world of poetry by accident. Since then she has become a social & confident individual who has collaborated with industry professionals, and is currently developing new material. Performing, writing, and public speaking is her passion and Jodie hopes to continue experimenting with and exploring her creative energy.



Thank you for reading, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Miss Langford’s distinct work in the coming weeks.

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Thanks again for reading, now whose for ice-cream?








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