Poem: Olivia Vergette-‘Happy Endings’

By Andrew Gooch
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Hello again, for this week’s poem we have another returning poet, Olivia Vergette who has sent us a second piece for us here at Soundsphere to share, entitled: ‘Happy Endings’.




I have loved you since I was 5
Before I knew you
Yet I was planning out our wedding
With magazine scraps and scented felt pens.
Since I fell in love with every character from a novel.
You were my Mr Darcy
Every love poem, every rom com, every Eva Cassidy classic
Became almost understandable.
Only it was better.
Hell my darling, we gave Wordsworth a run for his money.
I remember the first time I saw you naked,
Not when you’d taken your clothes
Christ it took you months to sum up the courage to wear your trunks around me.
But the first time I saw you cry,
Saw the scars on your arms
And the scars on your brain
And heard your boyish voice whisper the Secrets that only before had the dark heard
I never saw the point
And then your arms guided me a different way. So that when I told you when we were drunk That time
That I wanted to marry you some day
You grabbed my hands and said
“Love let’s go”
I would always tell you I loved you more
And you would fight back with more flowers, More poems,
More “I found this and thought of yours than I could ever contend with
And then later you told me that I was right, That I probably did love you more than you ever loved me
I still wear your t-shirt,
I still look out for you when I go outside for the milk bottles,
I still try to spot your car in the same space you’d park in at the shops,
I still set a place for you at the table
I still wait





Olivia Vergette

Olivia Vergette is a student attending college in Scunthorpe. She has previously won awards for her poetry and her work was featured earlier this year in ‘Alpha female Zine’. Her biggest inspirations are, Andrea Gibson, Rudy Fransisco and Carol Anne Duffy.


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