Reverbnation Spotlight: The Silent Scene

By May 19, 2014 Listen

For our next Reverbnation Spotlight, we chat to The Silent Scene’s Duran Visek and Ben Spremulli about their music and inspirations.

The Silent Scene

S] How have you guys changed and developed as artists since you started out with The Silent Scene?

D] “Since we started The Silent Scene back in October of 2013 we’ve really found great opportunities to expand in various scenes and styles of music. We love so many generes and artists, so it’s great to be able to comfortably be inspired by all of this music while allowing it to influence our music.”

S] What have been your career highlights?

B] “I think that, playing big shows and being a part of something big and popular is really rad but being able to listen to and perform music we’ve poured ourselves into is probably the most gratifying out of everything we’ve experienced so far.”

S] What sort of stuff are you guys inspired by outside of music – think films, games, locations or people…?

D] “Honestly, inspiration hits randomly, sometimes it’s super-far-out like indie blogs or documentaries, other times it comes from personal experience related issues and situations.”

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S] What experiences inspired the new track, ‘Collecting Hearts’?

D] “I think we can all speak differently about this track, like why we feel that it means what it means and where the lyrics came from etc.. Really, we just had a lot to say regarding the lyrical theme of that song, it had a vibe to it and we just spent a lot of time editing and revising until it felt right.”

S] What are your plans for the rest of this year?

B] “As of now, we kind of see this year as a developmental year. Lots of practice and lots of writing. Lots of getting ready for whatever may come. But of course we’re fanatics for playing out and touring and filming etc. We’re keeping ourselves as busy as possible.”

S] Are you inspired by any UK acts?

B] “Yes !! from The 1975 to Reso to The Kooks and even Zeppelin we’ve kinda soaked ourselves in influences from all the various UK scenes.”

S] Have you any plans to tour the UK one day?

D] “ASAP, we promise!”