Slot Games Based On Heavy Metal Bands

By Dom Smith
By October 6, 2022 October 10th, 2022 Listen

Metal is one of the most unique genres in music. This guitar riff-based, thrash-heavy sound evokes real emotion from its fans, and some bands under this umbrella choose to create entire fictional universes where their fans can escape. The genre has evolved a lot since its inception; however, there is no denying that heavy metal isn’t going away anytime soon.

One common feature for music acts is branding, and the biggest and best metal bands on the planet know where to put their name. One example of this branding comes in the form of slot games. Heavy metal pairs nicely with the casino, which is why there are plenty of metal-themed slot games for you to play online. Read on to find out which metal slots you should be playing.


When Dave Mustaine stepped out of the shadow of his former band, Metallica, there was no telling what kind of sound he would create. Fortunately, Dave’s anguished growls paired nicely with the aggressive drums and slick guitar licks that came to define Megadeth’s core sound. However, the lyricist’s talent for describing war-torn hellscapes became the biggest selling point for fans. Just look at their albums Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction for confirmation of this.

This dystopian lyrical view lent itself nicely to artists, which is why this imagery can be found in the Megadeth slot game from Leander Games. This online slot game has forty possible pay lines and was released back in 2012. The bonus features include a free spin round and head crusher round that is not for the faint of hearts. The latter involves unmasking hooded prisoners for the chance to win prizes.


Possibly one of the most recognisable names in music, Kiss took a lot of inspiration from comic book art when designing the band aesthetic. This may be why the band has had so much success extending its brand throughout the years. In fact, Kiss is so notoriously marketable that they have two slot games that carry their iconic name.

The first of these games, Kiss: Shout it Out Loud, was released in 2013 by WMA. This slot features all the rock and roll songs you would expect to hear from the band, as well as a free spins round. The bonus features are kept light in this game, making it feel more like an online slot for beginners. This assumption is made clearer by the fact that players can start with a minimum bet of just 20p per spin.

The second Kiss-themed slot game was released by Play N Go in 2021. Kiss: Reels of Rock is a much more colourful game than its older counterpart, but don’t let this art style fool you. The game is highly volatile, which means that wins are infrequent. However, this slot comes with a max jackpot of 50,000x the player’s wager. Therefore, you may prefer this slot title if you are a more experienced gambler and Kiss fan.


Heavy metal was a British invention, so makes sense that slot developers have given the slot treatment to one of the country’s best bands. Rumour has it that lead singer Lemmy was a gambler himself, so he wouldn’t have been out of place playing this game or trying to gain gambling bonuses without requirement at Jackpot Casino.

Netent released the Motorhead slot game in 2016 to great acclaim. The title is of low variance and the RTP rate is over 96%. This means that players will receive low-stakes wins quite often. However, the real fun comes from trying to line up the ace of spades as it is the game’s wild symbol.


Another giant from the British metal scene, Saxon rose to prominence in the early eighties with hits like ‘Crusader’, and ‘Princess of the Night.’ These lads from Yorkshire really knew how to tear up the stage and Play N Go was able to capture that energy in their branded online slot which was released in 2020.

The game is much more difficult than you think, suited to gamblers of an age who remember Saxon in their heyday. The variance is also high in this game but there are only ten potential bet ways. The developers were kind enough to include a free spin round with stacked symbols, making it easier for less experienced players to achieve a win. However, this slot is for hardcore Saxon fans, as demonstrated by the killer soundtrack made up of their hits. The game allows you to skip through these tracks at your leisure, too.

Ozzy Osbourne

It would be difficult to talk about anything relating to heavy metal without discussing the prince of darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. Most fans agree that Ozzy helped found the genre with Black Sabbath back in the 1970s, so it only makes sense that the singer receives his own slot game alongside these other metal giants.

It was NetEnt who was given the task of creating a slot game worthy of the legend himself, and the Ozzy Osbourne online slot certainly delivers. Again, this slot features a legendary soundtrack of all the greatest hits from Ozzy’s back catalogue, but there is stuff for non-fans to enjoy here, too. The medium variance makes this title easy to pick up and play, and you will only be asked to pay a minimum of 20p per spin for the privilege. However, the Ozzy Osbourne slot has a number of bonus features to sink your teeth into. You can add an additional bonus bet on each spin or use the charge-up feature to try and earn some extra re-spins. What’s more, there is the option to take part in a free spin round.

Guns N Roses

There are those who will debate whether Guns N Roses can continue to call themselves a heavy metal band at all. They certainly have attitude, but their music has more leanings toward the pop genre than most metal heads will care for. Whatever your feelings toward the band, you can’t deny that it would be great to have a slot game based around the legendary glam rock band. Fortunately, NetEnt took on this task back in 2016.

The Guns N Roses slot game has been popular with gamblers ever since its release, and this is partly because of the great soundtrack filled with the band’s hits. Although, gamblers will be much happier to hear about the slew of bonus features available in the game.

Gun N Roses includes a bonus wheel, a pick-me game, expanding symbols, a free spin round, random wilds and a fluctuating RTP rate. This means that you are not likely to play two identical games of the Guns N roses online slot. Since most slot players crave variety from their slots, you may find that the Guns N Roses slot game is suited to you, even if you aren’t a huge fan of their music. You can always play the slot on mute, after all.


There you have some of the best slots that feature in the heavy metal genre. Some of these a perfect for the casual player, while others will appeal to gamblers that have no clue about the band on which the game is based. Try them yourself to see if you are drawn into the head-banging community.