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Following our very awesome Best Tracks of 2013 list, we wanted to provide you with some of our Ones To Watch for next year. These are bands we think will do some serious good stuff in ’14. Enjoy! Comment! Share! Let us know your own thoughts too!


The band: GHXST

The link:

Why: Doom grunge. Not sure we need to say more.


The band: Brawlers

The link:

Why: Harry George Johns is behind this proper rock sound, and it seriously freakin’ rules.


The band: Panda Cubs

The link:

Why: Excellent emotive post-punk-rock.


The band: Drones

The link:

Why: Well good, proper UK punk!


The band: The Bastard Sons

The link:

Why: Southern rock at its finest. Boom.


The band: Jensen

The link:

Why: As good as Linkin Park, and from Leeds.


The band: Cyberpunkers

The link:

Why: Delicious filthy electro.


The band: Fireworks

The link:

Why: Good, old fashioned pop-punk at it’s finest.


The band: Ruen Brothers

The link:

Why: Orbison is alive and well in Scunny.


The band: Indiana

The link:

Why: Stunning electronic-indie sounds from Nottingham.


The band: Allusondrugs

The link:

Why: They’re just mint. Proper good alternative-grunge-rock awesomeness. There. Happy?


The band: Vök

The link:

Why: Despite only having been around since the beginning of 2013, they’ve already won the Icelandic Music Experiments competition with own spin on The xx’s spacious, atmospheric sound.


The band: Karnivool

The  link:

Why: Great alternative rock. Keep an eye out for them.


The artist: Gaz Brookfield

The link:

Why: “Emotive folky-acoustic awesomeness.”


The band: Felix Hagan And The Family

The link:

Why: Felix Hagan and the Family meld catchy choruses, plinky pianos and a good dose of the vaudevillian – keep on eye on these guys, they’re bringing something different to a venue near you.


The band: Loom

The link:

Why: Raw, grungy and effective music with huge impact.


The band: God Damn

The link:

Why: All the drive and determination of a stadium rock band, who would rather rock out with you and your mates in a room with some good vibes.


The band: Darlia

The link:

Why: The UK’s biggest pure grunge hopefuls…from Blackpool.


The band: Liam Kritikal Powers

The link:

Why: It’s grime with a heavier edge, and you’re probably gonna dig it.


The band: Then Thickens

The link:

Why: They’re gonna be rockin’ stadiums in just a few years. We’ll put money on it. Seriously.


The band: Lancaster

The link:

Why: Barcelona alt-rockers taking all the right cues from The Blackout and Young Guns to craft a sound that is sure to get hearts racing and fists pumping for years to come.


The band: Big Deal

The link:

Why: Exciting, affecting indie-electro-rock that’ll make the hairs on your neck stand up.


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Got anymore bands and artists that YOU think should be here? Let us know!

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