’s Ones To Watch 2015

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Following our very awesome Best Tracks of 2014 list, we wanted to provide you with some of our Ones To Watch for next year. These are bands (and artists) we think will do some serious good stuff in ’15. Enjoy! Comment! Share! Let us know your own thoughts too!




Jericho Keys (BBC Introducing in York and North Yorkshire)

The artist: Hello Operator

The link:

Why: With plays on BBC Radio 1 & BBC 6 Music. A slot on the Leeds & Reading Introducing stage for a band who only brought out their first song in March. It’s apparent with the backing of local and national radio. The world could be at their feet.

Jen Walker (Teenage Cancer Trust) picks:

The artist: Echosmith

The link:

Why: I seem to tip them every year!

Tim Hornsby (Booker and Founder at Fibbers, York) picks:

The artist: Slaves

The link:

Why: Bloody brilliant live. Sweaty, witty, loud and great material. One of my favourite shows of 2014.

Harry Johns (Brawlers) picks:

The band: Dead Harts

The link:

Why: They’ve been around for a while but this year was theirs for the taking considering their record ‘Cult For The Haggard Youth’ was released and was fucking rad. Plus they’ll drink you under the table no questions asked.

Simon Gallacher (tour manager, letlive.) picks:

The band: Crooks

The link:

Why: Imagine Balance and Composure, Rise Against with American Football, and open the door to Crooks. Live shows splitting at the seams with passion and rawness, yet very truthfully conveyed. 2015 is the year for them.

Giles Moorhouse (Armalyte Industries) picks: 

The band: 3Teeth

The link:

Making Coldwave hot once more, this Hollywood act have brought the past crashing into the new Millennium with a bang. With nods to classic Ministry, KMFDM and Concrete Lung and some ultra smart media-savvy, the future’s toothpaste bright for 3Teeth.”

Bobby Bloomfield [Does It Offend You. Yeah?] picks:

The band: Vienna Ditto

The link:

Why: “I love them so much they let me direct their video! If there’s any justice in the world they will breakthrough next year!”


Dom Smith (editor) picks:

The band: King 810

The link:

Why: Slipknot love ’em. The world loves ’em. Winning formula, innit? Pure anger.

Sep Gohardani (writer) picks:

The band: July Talk

The link:

Why: This year’s revelation and hopefully next year’s stars, Canadian rockers July Talk blend memorable riffs with the interesting and entirely successful vocal dynamics between the gravelly, Waits-esque voice of frontman Peter Dreimanis and the dulcet tones of co-vocalist Leah Fay.”

Francesca Fortunato (writer) picks: 

The band: State Champs

The link:

Why: One of the bands at the helm of the pop punk revival. These guys are going to do big things.

Jay Sillence (video production) picks:

The band: Richard Lomax & The Tontine

The link:

Why: They have a very original sound. Truly different.

Steve Nash (writer) picks:

The band: Gnarwolves

The link:

Why: Really passionate, heavy stuff.

Max Watt (writer) picks:

The band: The Bastard Sons

The link:

Why: Because they are awesome. Simple as that.

Faye Lewis (writer) picks

The band: Samoans

The link:

Why: Technically they’ve been billed as ones to watch since they hit up Reading main stage in 2012 but the world at large wasn’t really introduced to Samoans until this year with the release of long player ‘Rescue’. Post-rock fans will delight in the Oceansize / This Will Destroy You moments and this is one band sure to go from strength to strength in 2015 and beyond.

Louisa Kouzapas (writer) picks

The band: Sumo Cyco

The link:

Why: It’s easy to describe them as the lovechild of No Doubt and Skindred yet they have a heavy dose of theatricality which sets them in a league of their own – full-pelt, danceworthy, catchy-as-hell rock n roll.

The band: Young Karin

The link:

Why: This new duo from Reykjavik are already demonstrating that they have what it takes to be a significant addition to the Scandi-pop canon with bittersweet gems like ‘Hearts’.


The band: The Franceens

The link:

Why: Good fun. Great music. Punk done right.

The band: Bull

The link:

Why: Catchy as fuck alt-rock vibes.

The band: Counting Coins

The link:

Why: Ska-punk awesomeness. They’re such fun to listen to, and see.

The artist: Fable (pictured)

The link:

Why: She’s got those eyes, man…and that sound.

The band: Tom Skelly And The Salty Beards

The link:

Why: Because they make intense, beautiful mood music.

The band: Paris XY

The link:

Why: “Glitchy electronica drenched in darkness. What’s not to love?”

The band: Roman Remains

The link:

Why: Leila Moss (The Duke Spirit) is in this band. They’re pretty much the perfect alt-pop-electro combination.

The band: La Petite Mort

The link:

Why: Fuzzy, spaced-out alt-rock for the absolute win.

The band: Zoax

The link:

Why: Most mental performers we’ve ever seen. INSANE.