The Regrettes share lovely new banger, ‘I Love Us’

By Dom Smith
By July 17, 2020 Listen, News

Los Angeles power-pop group The Regrettes share their new track ‘I Love Us’, which marks the start of an exciting next chapter for the band. As their most significant musical growth to date, the synth-driven track turns a corner sonically, teasing a fresh creative direction as they work on their next album. ‘I Love Us’ just made its debut on the final season of the hit Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’, and is released alongside an adorable animated video.

Frontwoman Lydia Night explains, “‘I Love Us’ to me represents great change and growth for The Regrettes. This song showcases the kinds of risks and genre bending I hope to accomplish moving forward with our third album.

While writing this song, I officially decided to let go of having any preconceived idea for what a song I’m writing needs to be like. It was me deciding to finally stop trying to stay within a box or stick to what’s comfortable genre wise and just allow myself to have fun and not stress about it being ‘cool’ or ‘rock’ enough.

I’m so inspired by artists like Charli XCX, The 1975, St Vincent, Brockhampton and much more. However, I never would let myself get a little weird by combining the elements from those artists that I love with the type of raw rock and power pop I normally write.”


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