Watch: Serial Chiller – ‘No Fun’

By November 5, 2019 Hull, Listen, News

More from one of Hull’s most productive, and gritty indie bands…

The name Serial Chiller is an ethos. Cheap beer and shit pizza cover anxieties in grease and foam. Fuck music scenes and their cliques. Do something real. Write hooks, and stick them through the listeners’ mouth.

As if formed from the mould growing on a leftover chips and cheese, a bass player was cultivated, turning the band into the perfect love triangle. Shipped off to Amsterdam, they recorded their first EP in Ijland Studios, set to be released this year.

The first single from When It’s Party Time, is No Fun. Asking the central question, ‘do we have fun anymore?’ through clattering guitars, fuzz and an attention span unable to sit through the latest Blade Runner. It watches as wine bottles get emptied, cigarettes get smoked and life gets lived. Agitated in the corner it declares itself unable to conform to a culture of hedonism in a time of austerity.

The video takes you on a cut and paste tour of Amsterdam, avoiding all popular attractions for aimless walking, scraping together food and nights in the studio. Like the song itself, it searches for meaning in a world that moves at hyperspeed.