Watch: Skynd – ‘Jim Jones’

By Editor
By April 12, 2019 Listen, News

Skynd are the scariest, and (possibly) best new band in the world.

New track, same creepy, weird tasty vibes.

“I always wanted to write about Jim Jones because I’ve long been fascinated by how easily people are manipulated when it comes to religion,” Skynd said about the source material for the latest song and video. “It was interesting how people followed him while ignoring all of the facts to the contrary about who he truly was.”

“We put the facts of the story into music,” she continued. “I was also intrigued by the audio tapes of him talking his followers into suicide, I knew I had to write about it.”

“Although this horrible mass suicide happened 30 years ago, this case, at its core, is more relevant than ever,” Father weighed in. “Where it has always been easy for religious leaders and governments to brainwash people, it became very easy for the silver-tongued Joe Blow to do so in recent years through the help of social media and the internet. Through the invention of the World Wide Web, we’ve been promised the age of information, which ironically became the age of misinformation. It is now harder than ever to tell the difference between the facts and what’s fake. Could this development lead to a fatal event like in 1979, but on a global scale? It’s harder to imagine that it couldn’t.”

Regarding the video, Skynd explained, “We didn’t want to show it explicitly. We wanted to give it an artsy touch — more artsy than the other SKYND videos because it’s a different case that’s really hard to visualize.”

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