Watch: Taliwhoah – ‘Love Cycle’

By Sophie Walker
By February 8, 2019 Listen, Music, Reviews, Watch

Taliwhoah, the rightful heir to the R’n’B throne, releases her new single ‘Love Cycle’, a nocturnal ode to bisexual love. Her mother, Boney M’s Toyin Adekale, bleeds into Taliwhoah’s velveteen vocals, but her music is far more reflective. A mellow, stripped-back beat coated in shimmering synth feels as if it has come from a bygone, far more golden era.

Having recently come out as bisexual, ‘Love Cycle’ explores the struggles of coming to terms with her own sexuality, and the difficulty of being honest with your family and friends. “Love cycle is a story so many have experienced!” Taliwhoah says. “[It’s about] the triumph of a “forbidden” love going against all odds to make it happen! I wanted to tell a story that I could relate to myself and so many of my close friends have experienced also.”

The music video straddles the boundary of modernity and nostalgia. Classic cars and VHS flickers contrast with neon lights and a very modern relationship.

‘Love Cycle’ only cements Taliwhoah as an R’n’B talent bound to skyrocket. The release of her album later on Rostrum Records will prove her capabilities as a gentle, yet undeniably powerful soul singer.

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