Artist Spotlight: Jayce Lewis

By July 9, 2017 Artist, Spotlight

In our next band spotlight, we chat to Welsh industrial rock titan, Jayce Lewis.

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How have you changed and developed as an artist over the last few years?

In lots of way I have changed as a person firstly, now that I have settled with myself, I feel wiser in an industry that propelled my life into the unknown…what I thought it would be like, was nothing like it at all, and that has had an influence on my music writing, I am writing like I used to, what feels right to me and not what people think I should write.

The world and the state it’s in is the biggest motivation, I am not sure in what way…but we are just arriving to some dark times, some very horrific shifts in society are happening, and although common sense and logic prevail, I fear the existence and growth of THE STUPID are having a bigger effect that most.

What’s been the biggest challenge of the last few years?  

I have been the biggest challenge to myself! I gave up on making music a number of times, over the last two years having a major label, suggest and suggest then advise the change of my name, ‘A transition’ was such a huge mistake…

After everything that happened to me as Jayce Lewis…. I felt somewhat robbed of my identity. It confused everyone, everything… and most of all confused me.

It gave me this perspective of being on the outside looking in on an industry, I love and most of the people in it, but what a foolish error and just goes to show I should have stuck to my gut feeling. My album ‘Nemesis’ took a total of about four years to write and perfect on and off tours, and it got diluted and represented wrongly. The dynamic change in this thing too, within our live band/group, it was so worrying and very sad, it broke, and broke up…. to quote a trusted friend, he’d ‘Never seen such a disconnected bunch like that before’! I wanted to get away from it all, and get away fast…so I built a studio, and in doing that, I think I built myself back up…now I’m ready!

What have you been up to in your absence from touring? 

Building my recording studio – Northstone Studios, and writing the new solo album.

Talk us through the development of the new record?

There’s a lot of anger, a lot of upset and passion funnelled into it. Sometimes I have no way of expressing myself socially, I find it very hard…but musically it comes out, and because, I compose each instrument, play each instrument, program and sing…things come out of me in some very odd ways. I try not to question it or look to deep, I just let it happen.

How are you looking forward to getting back on the road with Gary Numan? 

It feels right…for both of us, we have gone through some big changes in and out of music. To be sharing the stage with Gary again is special, to be performing our new material both on the same tour is going to be quite something!