Artist Spotlight: Professor Elemental

By May 16, 2014 September 18th, 2016 Artist, Spotlight

In our first Alt-Fest-centric interview, we chat to Professor Elemental about his music, and how he feels about playing the forthcoming fest!


S] Hi mate, how are you today – what are you up to?

PE] “I am slightly frayed around the edges, but otherwise a very contented fellow. Today, I have been writing for the forthcoming Prof comic and working tirelessly on the relentless admin, that is apparently what takes up 95.7 per cent of all time spent being an emcee.”

S] How are you looking forward to performing at Alt-Fest?

PE] “I am massively looking forward to it. It feels very exciting to be on board for something like this, right at the beginning- especially when there is such a buzz surrounding the event. Between the superb organisers and the enthusiastic fans, it deserves to do very well indeed.”
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S] What are your major plans pre, and post-festival? 

PE] “I am on a sort of constant tour – that if I’m lucky will continue forever – so there’s lots of shows in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. Apart from that; a first novel – out in June – a new album with Tom Caruana and still making sure there is plenty of time for family picnics and summery niceness.”

S] What keeps you inspired and motivated outside of music – people, places, locations or literature?

PE] “Taking time away from professoring definitely makes me more inspired with new creative ideas – we went to Norfolk on holiday and it’s calvacade of Punch & Judy, morris dancing and steam trains was rocket fuel for the Professor. Family life is super too, I like being a dad and pretending that I am some sort of grown up adult, just for the novelty. All I seem to read are comics though. Loads of them. Constantly. Is that right? I’m never sure if that is excellent or a bit wrong. I do split it up with occasional horror novels, but they are increasingly hard to find these days. As the Professor, I should probably be listing some hefty hostorical tomes of Steampunk laced Victoriana, but honestly? I am massively into Rocket Raccoon at the moment.”

S] What ingredients goes into developing the typical Prof Elemental track, in recipe format if you please?

PE] “Take one Tom Caruana, mix with three spoonfuls of an old 1960’s children’s record, half a kilo of hip-hop and a light sprinkling of dusty piano. Leave in the studio at full heat for one night. Prepare your vocals by chopping them finely and mixing with them with whatever nonsense you have laying around. Throw them in with the well prepared beats, leave in the stalks, adlibs and mistakes. Add a handful of cream, some fresh Maxwell cuts and a badger. Serve to guests, ideally at a festival as part of a large buffet.”

S] What does Alt-Fest and its values mean to you? As it is a crowd funded event, with the public choosing who they would most like to see. 

PE] “Being lucky enough to bounce around different subcultures doing shows – there is this beautiful crossover between goths, steampunks, nerds, fetish peoples, metal heads, larpers and the like. As groups, I think we share lots of the same values, humour and  excessive drinking habits, so getting everyone together like this for a party is a brilliant idea. I am just glad that some people had the skills and energy to organise it so properly. It’ll be a nice easy way to explore other worlds worlds too. And I am just guessing here, but I have a full expectation that everyone will be lovely to each other and it’ll be very easy to meet tons of very sound people. Then party with those people. And then end up somewhere completely unexpected and brilliant.”

S] Are there other acts that you’re looking forward to on the weekend?

PE] “I am unashamedly biased, but some of the finest steampunk bands ever are there and put on a proper splendid show – Mysterious freakshow, frenchy and the punk, BB Black Dog – they are all pals, but they are also excellent. As a hip-hop head, I have heard of literally none of the bands outside my little steampunk world – but that is what is going to make it so brilliant I think, bouncing around discovering new music I had no idea I loved until I saw it live.”

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