Artist Spotlight: Sarah Shiels

By December 12, 2018 December 13th, 2018 Artist, Spotlight

In our next Artist Spotlight, we chat to author, Sarah Shiels, as she prepares to release a book covering her poetic works over the last couple of years. It is aptly titled, ‘Two Years’.

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S] What inspired you to develop the book?

Even though some of the poems have been sitting around for a year or two, the combination of a few sleepless nights and the gradual deterioration of living standards in general, inspired me to release this collection, and may even help pay my council tax!

S] What inspires you outside of writing?

Mainly music, whether that’s playing music or listening to music. Leonard Cohen in particular, inspires me the most, his poetry and lyrics are incredible.

S] What challenges do you face as an artist?

Challenges are probably creative blocks and work-life balance. That’s the biggest difficulty, trying to make the time to keep expressing creativity.

S] What themes run through your work?

There are many, I suppose this book covers a wide range of topics. It touches on humanity as a whole; capitalism, socialism and anarchist ideals. It questions the way we are existing and a main theme is the constant battle of love over materialism.

S] Do you have a specific place that you write best within?

Not at all, inspiration and ideas can come at any time.

S] Are you inspired by your surroundings at all?

Yes, a lot of my poetry is the product of observation. I guess day-to-day life gives us things to love, and things you hope will one day change for the better.

S] Can you think of a time in your life, where you have been at your most creative, can you describe that to me?

A few years ago, I stopped having a narrow mind-set of just accepting the lives we all lead. We don’t question the system we are part of. There’s nothing like a fresh change of perspective to ignite and induce creativity.

The book is available to buy from on Wednesday, December 12.