Artist Spotlight: SElf/Matt Mahaffey

By August 10, 2014 April 30th, 2021 Artist, Spotlight

For our next band spotlight, we chat to sElf’s Matt Mahaffey about his career, inspirations and his the band.

Self's Matt Mahaffey

S] Hi Matt, how are you today?

M] “I am great. Thanks for asking.”

S] Talk to us about a typical day in your life?

M] “I wake up, make coffee, work in the studio until 6, hang out with my kids until their bedtime, hang out with my wife until our bedtime, add water, rinse and repeat.”


S] What projects do you have on at the minute?

M] “Scoring and writing songs for Henry Hugglemonster, Sanjay & Craig, a handful of short films, and there is always sElf.”

S] How do you look back on ‘Subliminal Plastic Motives’ now?

M] “I think it has aged okay, but it’s still cool in my opinion.”

S] What themes and ideas inspired ‘Runaway’?

M] “I’ve always been inspired by the sample I used, ‘Do That Stuff’ by Parliament. ‘Runaway’ is easily the fifth song I’ve written over it in the last 20 years. It also happens to be my favourite.”

S] How have your goals and aims with regards to sElf changes over the years?

M] “The main factor being money. Unless you tour your butt off, stuffed away in an Econoline, it’s harder and harder to make any real money these days. I like recording things, putting them into the ether, and doing live shows with my band when we can and go where people want to see us. New York, Nashville and LA have been great places for us thus far this time around. More cities and more countries I hope.”

S] What have been a few highlights of your career – things that you will proudly look back on?

M] “I’m very proud of the music i’ve made so far. I’ve come a long way towards artistic happiness. I felt I gave an honest Ted Talk. I enjoyed hanging out with Beck.”

S] Will you come over to the UK at all – do you have any places you’d like to visit?

M] “I would love to bring the band over the pond. You name the date and time! Although it is not in the UK, my family is overdue for a trip to Bordeaux. Uh…..for strategic sheep purposes….no, it’s for the wine. And Japan.”