Band Spotlight: Aiming For Enrike

By Dom Smith
By March 12, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Simen Følstad Nilsen guitarist of Aiming for Enrike about the band’s latest influences, and inspirations. 


S] How do you guys look back at the development of the new record, now that it’s out?

With this record we were trying to capture what we feel and sound like when we play live. This is so far our most straight forward record song-wise with often pretty standard song structures and simple melodies and ideas. But its also easily our most saturated and maxed out record sound-wise. We spent a long time writing the songs, trying them out in concerts and gradually shaping them into what they became when it was time to record, so when we were in the studio we focused a lot on the feel and sound of every song. We used different drums and amps for different songs.

Almost all the mics were distorted, compressed and/or tweaked in a way that made us feel like we were listening to a finished record while we were recording. The record is a very good representation of where we were musically at the time and its a record we are very proud of. We are always moving towards something new and every record is a kind of documentation of where the band is at that point in time.

S] Talk us through your song development – how do the tracks come together? 

We have pretty much always made our music together in our rehearsal space. Some ideas come from just playing together and trying things out. Other times its based on a feel, a groove or a melody that one of us has some vague idea about. When we get to something that sounds and feels good to us we usually record it with a stereo mic and put it in a Dropbox folder. The songs are usually developed over time where we can go in and change stuff that maybe doesn’t stand the test of time for us. We usually play a song at concerts in different tweaked versions for maybe 6 months to a year before we record it, so people can always expect to hear some new stuff if they come to see us.

S] How do you feel about touring, what are the pros and cons? 

Touring as a duo is usually pretty great. Its way cheaper to get around for us than it is for bigger ensembles. Playing new places for new people is always fun. We get to meet a lot of cool people, and we have made friends in Japan and India for instance because of touring, witch we think is pretty amazing. We are also interested in trying out local food and drink culture which is a perfect thing to combine with touring. I guess the cons are pretty well known, lots of waiting, airport check ins, early mornings to catch whatever transport to the next city etc. Its a lifestyle thing. I dont think being a touring musician works for everybody.

S] How does AFE challenge you in new ways as artists?

As a guitarist in a drum-guitar duo its pretty challenging but also very liberating to be the only one playing a harmonic instrument in the band. We improvise a lot within and between the songs and to do that you always have to be on your toes in order to follow certain visual and musical cues. One great thing about a duo like this is that its way easier to turn on a dime and go in a totally different musical direction if we feel like it. If one of us does something the other one has to react to it in some way.

S] What would you say that your mission statement is as a band? 

To keep doing our own thing and to always go new places in the world with it.

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