Band Spotlight: Anti-Clone

By April 3, 2016 Band, Spotlight

In our next band spotlight, we chat to with Lam Richardson (guitars) for Anti-Clone about nu-metal and alternative music in Lincoln.


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S] How have the last few weeks been for you guys?

L] “The last few weeks have been brilliant. Seeing the good press that the debut album has been receiving, coupled with the privilege of supporting Mushroomhead has led to a pretty good feeling within the camp. It’s still not quite settled in that we supported one of our biggest influences on two dates of their first UK tour in over 10 years. Pretty awesome!”

S] Is nu-metal back, and are you the band to herald its return?

L] “I’ve said it a few times in the past, but I don’t think that nu-metal ever truly died. Its influence has been noticeable in a lot of releases in the past, but now I think it has fully come back with a vengeance. Along with us, there are a few other bands that have been bringing the genre back to the forefront; acts such as Cane Hill, Of Mice & Men and even Bring Me The Horizon.”

S] Are there any other bands you rate at the moment, and why?

L] “Cane Hill are a band that we’d like to do something with in the future. They’ve got a similar kind of vibe as we have, and their EP is killer. I think they’ve got a new album out fairly soon too. What’s nice is that they’re picking up a lot of momentum which is good for the genre. It shows people want nu-metal back!”

S] Lincoln seems to be an unlikely home for cool metal acts in recent years – what do you like/hate about the area?

L] “Haha, it’s always interesting when you say you’re based in Boston as people automatically assume you’re from Massachusetts! But then you say it’s a town in Lincolnshire and get asked the question ‘oh, where’s that?’ It’s an interesting place in terms of being a musician as you have a lot of people who are passionate about music, but the practice spaces and the venues aren’t there to support the interest. It’s mainly all fields and tractors. There are a lot of bands coming out of Lincolnshire at the moment who are doing pretty well, so hopefully it’ll help put the county on the map in terms of the UK music scene.”

S] What keeps you passionate outside of music – think art and film for example?

L] “I personally am a big sports fan. I’m quite into my football and my ice-hockey so I can say that definitely keeps me passionate outside of music. I’m a big into sci-fi films and novels, so I’ve always got one of them on the go.”