Band Spotlight: Beliefs

By October 10, 2017 Band, Spotlight

In our latest band spotlight, we chat to Beliefs’ Jesse Crowe about their new album, ‘Habitat’.


S] Talk us through your inspirations, outside of music – think people, places and things?

I find that I’m most inspired by my surroundings. The changing city that we live in. The new environments discovered through traveling. I find the current political climate exhausting and grueling, so I don’t want to sight it as an inspiration, but it’s a cause for speaking up and has started a lot of positive conversations about bettering our community. Lastly, I’m inspired by human emotion, passion and love.

S] How important is the visual element of the band, in terms of creative output? 

Beliefs have always been very collaborative visually from videos to live visuals. We’ve had so many friends work with us in these respects, and allowed them to feel out the music and have creative freedom. We had a stronger vision with Habitat as we really wanted to create a new environment for ourselves.

S] What experiences inspired ‘Comb’?

Comb was all written by Josh Korody, so it’s a mystery of his mind – he’s not here right now, but I will say that in is meant to evoke a feeling of panic in the face of the future.

S] What about the new record as a whole?

Habitat was born out of Josh and I coming to realize that Beliefs was never going to be a traditional band. We were never going to have a line-up of people who were going to be able to stay, play live and write with us. So with this, we decided to write this new record on our own just in a room together. Josh had been playing a lot with his synth project Nailbitier and I was listening to too much Portishead, so naturally we gravitated toward more keyed, and electronic instruments and away from just the traditional guitar elements which Beliefs were showcasing on our first two records.

S] How are you looking forward to coming to the UK? 

We are very excited to follow up our UK shows in May with a visit back to Brighton (with Metz!), as well as coming back to London and Oxford and coming up to Hull for the first time. We feel as though the UK scene is warm and receptive, people seem willing to check out new music.

S] What would you say your biggest challenges are as band right now?

Like any band in the world right now, paying for being in a band! Ha! No really, you have to really love doing it.


November 22nd – London – The Brewhouse
November 23th – Hull – The Polar Bear
November 25th – Brighton – The Haunt (With Metz)
November 26th – Oxford – The Library