Band Spotlight: BIG|BRAVE

By August 25, 2017 Band, Spotlight

Check out our latest band spotlight with Mathieu and Robin of BIG|BRAVE, in which we discuss musical inspirations, art, creation, inspiration and more.


What motivates the band outside of music, think people, places and movies, for example?

M] Outside of music, large scale sculptural installation is quite inspiring. Take for example the work of Richard Serra. Its great to look at some of his work and imagine how the physicality and magnitude of it could be translated into sound. As for our live performances, performance art definitely has strong influence on how we conduct our selves on stage. For an art form that uses the body as the primary medium,

We are very interested in using our own physical presence to accomplish things that are beyond sonic. To gigs, we have to lug our gear and our bodies, might as well use both as creatively as we can.

What’s been the biggest challenge for the band? 

M] Since we all still need jobs outside of the band to sustain our selves, as boring as it may sound, the biggest challenge right now is trying to balance touring and time working on new music with the need to work our day jobs. Usually, as soon as we get back from tour, we have to get right back to work just so we can keep our heads above water and save up for the next tour. We are all dreaming of a day when music can support us a little more. If that ever happens, I can see ourselves being able to spend much more time writing new music and therefor putting out records a little more consistently.

How has the BB mission statement changed over time?

M] It’s not necessarily changing but it is definitely developing. We are still very interested in playing with contrast and tension, simplicity and repetition but we are finding new ways to explore these ideas. I’d also like to think that we are getting better at what we are trying to realize. Not sure if we are accomplishing that but aiming to evolve and grow musically is a top priority with this project.

Is there a solid theme running through Ardor? 

R] Lyrically, the overall theme would include my end of any conversation; conversations to everyone from loved ones, to the general public, to specific individuals; conversations about loss, death, the state of the earth, politics and of my observations of the human condition that are all provoked by the entire spectrum of emotion that fills any one person.

M] Sonically, is where we really let things develop slowly and gradually on this record. Having explored long song forms on our previous record, we were quite ready and comfortable letting things continue in that vein. By now, I think we’ve completely abandoned writing within a more traditional song structure. Its something that is now so engrained in us but over these last 2 records, we’ve quite clearly realized that the longer form composition is what speaks to us the most. It’s no major change but a rather gradual one. Its something which I believe will keep evolving until the band will cease to exist.