Band Spotlight: Bokassa

By November 27, 2019 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Jørn Kaarstad, frontman for new stoner rock titans, Bokassa.

S] How are you guys doing today?

Great! We are in Budapest, Hungary, and just announced a festival in Norway last night which we’re billed on the same day as Faith No More, so you could say we are excited!

S] Talk us through the themes running through Crimson Riders?

The overall theme is probably the harsh truth that humanity sooner or later will destroy itself, packaged in 3-minute long riffy goodness.

S] How are you looking forward to doing the UK shows in December?

Really excited! We have many friends in the UK we can’t wait to see! Also hoping to pick up some Cadbury Creme Eggs while we’re there!

S] What would you say that the biggest challenges that you face as a band are?

Getting people to actually listen to our music. Getting it out to people. Cause if they do listen and have a basic understanding of quality, then I don’t doubt they will enjoy it.

S] ‘Mouthbreakers Inc’ is an absolute banger – talk us through the development, and ideas on that one?

Thank you, we love that song. Pretty much the same as always I guess. Write, rehearse, tweak a bit, record, add a «God damn» and then turn up the speaker to eleven!

S] How do you guys define success?

For me personally the fact that, for example, there are people out there that drove 400 km to see us in Warsaw on Monday makes me pretty happy. I don’t know if it’s success at all, but it shows that people are passionate about our band at least!

The band will go on a co-headline tour with Puppy in December.

See the dates below:

Fri 6th Dec – LONDON Underworld

Sat 7th Dec – MANCHESTER Rebellion 

Sun 8th Dec – GLASGOW Audio 

Tue 10th Dec – NORWICH Waterfront Studio

Wed 11th Dec – BRISTOL The Fleece