Band Spotlight: Boy Harsher

By Dom Smith
By November 15, 2018 October 24th, 2022 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Augustus Muller and Jae Matthews of coldwave act, Boy Harsher.

S] How are you guys today?

Augustus] We’re in LA. Beautiful day, just played a great show the other night. There’s a massive forest fire looming 50 miles away.

Jae] The fires are scary.

S] How important is the visual aspect of what you do?

Augustus] Boy Harsher is a multimedia project for me. We put just as much effort into the art and videos as we do the music.

Jae] It’s so important! If we had more time and resources we would create films for each release, like shorts not music videos. Or small books for each. We just collect a lot of ephemera when we’re writing that would be nice to publish in some way.

S] Talk us through the inspirations behind ‘Face The Fire’

Augustus] That was first song we wrote when we got our prophet 6. We just turned it on and tapped around for a few minutes and the song started to take shape. I kept picturing a sun set on a beach.

Jae] We both were consumed by this thought, the blood red sun. I think we had a very To Live or Die in LA type of trigger.

S] What do you draw from outside of music – think specific people, places and movies for example?

Augustus] All types of things. Old PC video games like Doom, the Gus Van Sant x Harris Savides trilogy, old xerox gig flyers to name a few.

Jae] I definitely write from and for moments, the feeling of walking home alone or the swampy touch of coastal living, or the way a look can make me fearful, or excited.

S] How do you define success as a band?

Augustus] Just having a quality catalog of work. If you can survive, through putting out a solid 3-4 albums that’s hall of fame worthy for me.

Jae] The fact that people feel so strongly about our music is already success.

S] Talk us through the most memorable day of the ‘Careful’ album recording?

Augustus] The recording process was about a year and a half. Lots of up and downs. We went through a lot of extremes. It’s hard to pick a stand out day in there. I can say on October 30th when we released the first single, it all finally felt worth it.

Jae] Because it lasted forever it’s hard to determine any memorable days, but yes – it didn’t feel real until finally our first single was made public.

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