Band Spotlight: Dawn Of Ashes [2016]

By April 22, 2016 Band, Spotlight

In our latest band spotlight, we have a long overdue catch-up with Kristof Bathory of horror-industrial-extreme-metal pioneers Dawn Of Ashes.

Dawn Of Ashes 2016

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S] Hi guys, talk us through the major personal developments that led to the creation of ‘Theophany’?

K] Let me start by describing what ‘Theophany’ actual means and how to apply this meaning towards anyone who is obtaining a path of inner strength. The definition of Theophany is the manifestation of a visible deity. In the ‘Left Hand Path’, the practitioner utilizes skills that we learn through the path to bring ourselves to obtain the power of a god. Now if you use these skills with various magick tasks, you will be able to look at your own reflection and see yourself as a deity. This is what I am trying to teach through my music now.There is a lot of juvenile LHP [left hand path] garbage being put out there that is really teaching those who are interested, the wrong information. This path has really developed a stronger and powerful transformation of myself and I know it will help others.

S] Talk to us about the major themes and ideas that found their way on to the record?

K] Again, the major theme is that we are now in an extremely corrupted era and majority of humans are so focused on what everyone else is doing. They thrives on ignorance and forget about the core values of self-strength.

S] What’s motivating you guys outside of music – think art, and film for example?

K] My main motivation lately is books and knowledge. Feeding my mind everyday with a lot of wisdom and developing new skills to make my path even stronger.

S] How has the mission statement for Dawn Of Ashes changed over the last few years?

K] Dawn of Ashes has always been a personality of myself and since we retired in 2013, I have had time to resurrect a new version of myself and obviously that is going to reflect in DOA. The band has a whole new meaning now.

S] How do you feel about extreme music at the moment? There are very few bands adding that industrial edge that DOA champions.

K] There are a lot of amazing extreme metal bands out there, I’m more influenced by a lot of the bands that come out of Europe. I’m not a huge fan of industrial, but there are still a few classic Industrial acts that I still enjoy. I definitely think the extreme metal world needs to rise to its fullest potential because there is a lot of bad music out there with no message or fluid in the music.

S] Any plans to bring the sound over to the UK?

K] Hopefully in the near future!

S] Thanks for your time!