Band Spotlight: Die! Die! Die!

By Dom Smith
By November 2, 2014 Band, Spotlight

Dom Smith catches up with Andrew Wilson, frontman of Die! Die! Die! while out on tour to discuss music and inspirations.



S] Hi guys, set the scene – where are you today, and what are you up to?

A] “Hey there. We are currently driving through Holland eating liquorice after a really amazing show in Lille in France. It was so nice to be back in France.”

S] How are you guys looking forward to finally getting over to the UK? Anything in particular that you’re looking forward to seeing, or places you want to visit?

A] “It was really nice to be back in the UK. Unfortunately we only managed to do our London show as Malaysian airlines delayed us in KL over night meaning we had to miss our Manchester show. It was nice to see our family and drink Irn Bru.”

S] How do you look back on the success of records like your self-titled effort now, at this point in your career – how have you all changed and developed since?

A] “There’s definitely more of an importance on music rather than how drunk we can get.   It all got hazy there for a wee while. Now it’s clear as an un-muddied lake, clear as the azure sky of a deep blue summer.”

S] Talk us through the inspirations and ideas that led up to the creation of ‘Swim’ as a whole – how does this record challenge you in new ways?

A] “We have a new bass player and it was quite an effortless record to make. It was the closing of a door for ddd as well. I’m hoping a new one will open soon.”

S] What about ‘Swim’ as a track itself – what specific experiences helped you pen that one?

A] “Haha, well I wrote the words for this song after meeting a man who had just gotten out of jail for murder and we partied together till 7am. I got to see a side of the city I live in I had never seen before. I also got to see myself in a completely different way. This song sorta ended a chapter for me I feel. I’m glad that chapter is over.   This song was the last song written for Swim the album and almost didn’t make the record.”

S] How has Die! Die! Die!’s mission statement changed since you guys started out – are your aims still the same?

A] “Our mission was to see the world and play as many shows as possible. Things have changed. I’ll let you know when I know what the new mission is. I think we did pretty good on our first mission.”

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