Band Spotlight: Follow Deep

By October 16, 2019 Band, Spotlight

In our next Band Spotlight, we catch up with standout Hull-based progressive-alternative rockers, Follow Deep.

S] What inspires your material?

We take a lot of inspiration from the music we listen to, specifically artists such as Nothing But Thieves, Highly Suspect, Bloc Party, Kasabian and Royal Blood, but we base our lyrics off our own experiences and things we’ve dealt with personally in the past.

S] What motivates you outside of music, think specific people and places?

We all motivate each other really. We all help each other and encourage each other if one or all of us doesn’t particularly play great at a gig. We aspire to be bigger than what we are, and we’d love to play at places like Wembley one day, but currently and more directly the motivation comes from the three of us to each other.

S] What are the greatest challenges you face as a band? 

As a band we’ve already had to deal with a couple of challenges over the last two years due to our line-up changing fairly drastically – Jed is the band’s third drummer, and we’ve lost two guitarists, evolving our band from a 5-piece to us now only having three members. The hardest challenge we have to face now is being recognised. There are so many bands and musicians in the world now doing fairly similar stuff to what we are, and everyone of them seems to be online, making it easier for each band to get lost in the mix.

S] How do you define success? 

Success for us would be to make a career out of what we’re currently doing. The three of us together have the same idea of success and we’re all going to keep pushing until we achieve it. If we can keep playing and releasing our own music and generate enough from it that we don’t need to have any other jobs to help live, then we’ve made it. Doing what you love with your best mates is success.

S] What song best defines your sound, and why?

At the moment the song that defines our sound the best is “Suffocating”. It features an indie based guitar riff which frequently turns heavier and dips into the alternative rock style we like to play, with synth over the top of it as well. In the next couple of weeks though (1st November), we will be releasing a new single called “Alive” which is more of the sound that we are now heading towards.