Band Spotlight: Gnarlah

By February 28, 2020 Band, Spotlight

In this next spotlight, we chat to emerging Brighton rock pwerhouse, Gnarlah.

S] What inspires the band outside of music, think art, games and things like that?

As a band we have a slight obsession with all things cult and horror related. We have spent days playing games like Outlast 2, Blair Witch and Alien Isolation. Films like Hereditary and The Ritual are very frequent contenders too. The idea of cults just really intrigues us, thinking about the lengths at which people will go to follow the ideologies of leaders that have developed an intense following from nowhere.

S] What are the biggest challenges you face as a band?

The biggest challenge we face as a band is trying to make sure that we maintain a momentum. Our releases such as ‘Slave’ and ‘Fix Me’ received traction from streaming sites such as Spotify and Amazon, and prior to every release we always get very stressed about if the next won’t do as well. We spend hours everyday trying to push it all as hard as we can to make sure that we manage to hit as many areas as possible.

S] How do you define success?

To us, success is being able to make the band our full time job. We love being out on the road doing shows and festivals, it’s where we feel at our best. Our goal is to be able to do all of this as a full time career, we are investing all the time we have now to push ever closer to that dream goal.

S] What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

Our goals for the rest of the year centre around a few more releases to be supported by a couple tours and festival slots. We have a couple big announcements that we aren’t able to make yet that we are so excited to share with everyone when the time comes.