Band Spotlight: Hey Charlie

By May 18, 2017 Band, Spotlight

Check our our latest band spotlight, on the most excellent Hey Charlie!

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 S] What ideas inspire the band, outside of music?

Our image was inspired by a French photographer we worked with at the start called Ophelie (@Ophelieandthegirls). She inspired the idea behind our matching outfits. We also really like that juxtaposition of the girly outfits and the pop connotations with our grungier sound.

S] What has been a career highlight so far?

It’s still pretty early days, but we were crazy excited when we told Martha (our manager) that we wanted to work with her, sat in Nandos!

S] What’re the biggest challenges for you guys as a band?

It’s hard for all new rock bands trying to break through due to the lack of guitar music in the mainstream right now.  We’re trying to bridge the gap between grunge tones and poppy melodies so we can appeal to the mainstream listeners as well as the rock fans.

S] What is ‘Hey’ about, like what ideas led up to its development?

We’d been fucked over at the time, and we wanted to write an anthem for girlfriends to stand together against the haters.

S] What does the genre-tag grunge-pop mean to you?

We labelled our sound as grunge-pop because we felt that we didn’t really fit in any of the other genres exactly. Our sound is a blend of that 90s grungey guitar music and big poppy melodies.