Artist Spotlight: Howard Kaye

By Dom Smith
By January 18, 2020 April 15th, 2020 Artist, Band, Spotlight

S] Hey Howard, how are you?

Yeah I’m great thanks, although I am desperate for a coffee and my friend George who’s car I’m in at the moment is refusing to stop! 

S] What does success mean to you?

Success to me is just being able to do what you love full time! Money is completely irrelevant, if I could spend the rest of my days touring and releasing music, I’d be the happiest man in the world! 

S] What challenges do you face now as an artist?

I prefer “goals” than “challenges”. Right now it’s finishing as many songs before the end of the year as possible! Next year I have a load of releases and shows planned, so I’m just focusing on getting everything ready! The biggest challenge I face right now is getting George to stop so I can get a coffee! 

S] What motivates you outside of music, think specific people and places or games for example? 

What motivates and inspires me the most is my grandfather. He is in his 80s and still gets the bus to work every day. He is a huge inspiration for me and through watching him and learning from him I can only hope to be like him when I am his age.

S] How was the Deaf Havana tour? 

The tour was amazing! Every single show was 10/10 and the boys in DH are absolute legends. The made us feel so welcome, watched our set every night and we ended the tour with a few extra very good mates! 

S] How is it playing the tracks with a band, given your time in Croox? 

I have always played with bands and so when I launched my solo project there was NO way I wasn’t going to have a band with me! I am very honoured to share a stage with Luke (drums) and Rob (bass) every night. Playing live and touring is the most important thing to me and so making sure I create an unforgettable live show is always top of my priority list!

S] What does ‘Nightmares’ as a track mean to you?

Nightmares is a track I wrote after waking up after a horrendous nightmare, however I really enjoyed it! It was a new experience for me and it got me thinking about the whole “you only live once” attitude.

We are so pressured to live such healthy lives, work out, eat well and do our best to try and stay on this planet for as long as we can. After I lost my Dad last year who was only 58 when he died, it gave me a new outlook on life. Basically, fuck it, we haven’t got that long in this life, so don’t hold back! 

Nightmares for me sums up doing all the things that you’re told not to, but having a damn good time doing them!

S] Thanks for your time today!


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