Band Spotlight: InTechnicolor

By April 7, 2017 Band, Spotlight

In our latest band spotlight, we talk to Dave Jackson [guitar] and Tobie Anderson [vocals] of Brighton/York stoner metal band, InTechnicolour about their ideas and inspirations.

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S] How are you today?

Dave] Yeah…Nice!

Tobie] I’m very well Ta!

S] Why has it taken so long for IT to return?

Dave] We technically started in 2008 and released nothing for eight years so in the grand scheme of things we’ve been insanely quick this time round! But in all seriousness, we’re planning on sticking around this time.

Tobie] We all work full time, 40-odd-hour a week ‘normal people’ jobs, so fitting in a full time working band as well can get tricky. I’m sure every single musician in the UK will feel our pain when it comes to spinning the plates of life that we all spin and trying to be creative and also financially secure!

There is only so much money our better half’s can bail us out with! But as Dave said, we are getting more and more focused on InTechnicolour every day!

S] What inspires the band outside of music – think people and places?
Dave] Honestly, no idea. Life stuff, I guess. I’m surrounded by a lot of musicians and creative people which is a constant feed of inspiration, without even realising I’m sure these people influence my writing style and approach to music in general on a daily basis.

Tobie] My lyrics are inspired by my own strange little head, and that’s mainly full up with musical stuff. I’m a sucker for a good documentary, so real world information is usually buzzing around up there, I guess you could say I find that inspiring. Working with the guys in the band is really inspiring to me also; I really admire my band mate’s brains!

S] How do you look back on the first EP now?

Dave] Overall, I was happy with it but it’s a very different sound to what we’ve become since that release. Those songs are very, very old but it made sense to release them so we could move on from that period of the band, which finally we have done with ‘Doomer’.

Tobie] I still love those songs! The work i put into those songs and the meanings and emotions tied up in the words will always be hugely important to me, but a band’s sound is constantly evolving and it’s time to show the world what the next stopping place for InTechnicolour sounds like!

S] Talk us through the experiences that inspired ‘Doomer’?

Dave] It was the first song that was structured as a band, I had the riffs and a couple of melodies but that’s all. It’s the perfect song to demonstrate the new direction of the band for sure!

Tobie] Doomer was a tense one to write as it wasn’t just a case of smushing mine and Dave’s heads together and getting some music out of it, this was the first tune we wrote with four band members in one room, traditional i suppose you would call it. So it was tense whilst we worked out if we could even write music in this way, but the result was better than our previous tunes, in my opinion, and settled my mind at least that we could create grate sounding heavy music just by hanging out together!