Band Spotlight: Jake And The Jellyfish

By January 18, 2018 Band

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to vocalist, Jake from Leeds-based folk-punks, Jake And The Jellyfish about music, inspirations and the future.


S] How do you look back on the success you’ve had since you began your career? 

To be honest I’ve never really thought about it! We’ve been lucky to do a lot of really cool things. Success is one of those weird words, I always feel you measure your own success, and we do this band because it’s fun. We know people all over the world that we just probably wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for doing this, I mean, how cool is that!?

We’ve been to countries I may never have gone, met some awesome people, played with some of our favourite bands ever. It’s been pretty cool haha.

S] How has the mission statement of the band changed and developed over the years? 

I suppose it has a bit. When we first started there was a lot of frustration in the lyrics, and I don’t think that’s changed much, but more the situation. Each album, lyrically has really reflected where I was at the point in time – not consciously really. Our first album we were all just out of uni and struggling to get a job, Dead Weight was about feeling stagnant in jobs in your 20s. This one is more personal. I mostly hope it’s relatable really.

S] What would you say the biggest challenges that you’ve faced as an artist have been? 

There are some things that can be quite hard, trying to ‘reach’ people via social media is becoming harder and harder especially when you’re a small band and paying to boost posts comes directly out of your pocket.

Some of the biggest challenges can be paired with some of the best experiences. Playing FEST in America was hard to organise from over here logistically, but at the same time was one of the best things we’ve ever done.

S] Talk to us about your attitude to touring, and what you like, and loathe about it? 

I love touring, it can be draining and sometimes long drives can become exhausting – but it’s always so much fun, and always different. It’s amazing how used to living in a van you can get haha. We basically get to go get drunk around the world and explore places for free, can’t complain too much really can we?

S] What motivates you outside of the music world – movies, people and places? 

Mostly people. I read a lot and that can inspire lyrics, but a lot of songs come from phrases or conversations with people that I’ve had. I over heard somebody say ‘I could sleep for a week’ at work a while back, wrote it down in notes on my phone and then a story came from that and then a song. I’ve always loved lyrics that really tug at your heartstrings, when you get that moment that is exactly how you’ve felt and it brings the song up to a different level then just a song. I always try and do that. Whether it’s successful or not is a different matter!