Band Spotlight: Living Dead Girl

By September 24, 2016 Band, Spotlight

In our next band spotlight, we talk to Jonno Lloyd of Living Dead Girl about the band’s music and inspirations.


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S] What bands and artists inspired the Living Dead Girl sound?

Jess and I both have some pretty wildly different musical tastes that don’t always see eye to eye. The one that we’ve always come back to though is Portishead, who remain a pretty primary influence in their sound, songs and aesthetic.

For me the dark electronic music from Gary Numan and Depeche Mode around the 80s is a love I definitely carry into this band, as well as influence from more recent greats like Ladytron and Lark.

S] How challenging is it to take the LDG sound out live?

As challenging as we make it really. We like to keep everything very live which takes a lot of coordination, but we’re playing with a great couple of guys at the moment and everybody’s really bringing their A game. Its been amazing hearing these songs come to life in a practise room, it’s going to be fantastic hearing it up on stage.

S] What’s been a career-defining moment for you?

The interaction with fans has still been the best part of putting what we do out there. Seeing people decorating their homes with our merch, framing lyrics, and hearing how much someone loves the music we make is amazing. We really weren’t prepared for just how much of a reaction we’d get so early on and it’d been really fantastic.

S] What keeps you passionate outside of music, think movies or people and places for example?

We both love films and are real horror movie aficionados, so that’s definitely a big one. We’re both also really into video games, their footprints are all over quite a few of our songs actually.

S] What inspired the most recent track, ‘Autumn’?

I think the inspiration for Autumn came from the film ‘Drive’ and it’s soundtrack. Autumn was originally a Jess solo song that got its start from the fantastic aesthetic of that film, and how well the music weaves in and out of the story.

S] What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?

Our new single ‘Autumn’ is released on Friday 16th September, and we’ll be playing a launch show that night with some of our favourite bands. We’ve also got a music video ready to go and more music to share with it, so that’s pretty much been our focus for quite a while now. When all that calms down we can get back to working on more music, and finishing the mountain of demos that’s been piling up. We’re in a really good place for writing music at the moment and we haven’t been able to finish them fast enough, so it’ll be exciting to get back to work on that and have even more new music to share in the new year.