Band Spotlight: LTNT

By Dom Smith
By November 27, 2014 Band, Spotlight

In our next band spotlight interview, we chat to Liam Lever, vocalist of LTNT about their music and inspirations.



S] Where do you draw your inspirations for songs from – where do you write most of your material? Do you have a favorite place/space for example? 

L] “It’s good to keep an open mind and accept songs from anywhere, I think. A lot of exciting unforeseen possibilities are ruled out by being particular. The one rule we do have is to always be in the room together when songs get solidified. At the moment the room is our rehearsal space in Manor House.”

S] What about outside of music? 

L] “I don’t think there’s a difference. Input is input. It all blends together to create the individual I think. So yeah, psychedelic drugs.”

S] If you could come up with a Frankenstein’s monster for the LTNT sound – for example, the head of Nirvana, the arms of Biffy and the legs of The Pumpkins, who would it be made up of, and why?

L] “I guess the heart of Jeff Buckley, the body of Pantera, the mind of Mike Patton, the soul of Jimi and the face of Dave Lee Roth would be cool. That’s basically the perfect person isn’t it? I’d do him.”

S] What are your major plans for this year?

L] “We’re buying a massive van just now to consolidate all of our living into one easy to find box on wheels. We’ve just demoed everything we have written for a record so want to get that done proper. We are on the road with Brant Bjork and Chevelle plus the new AA side with two ace videos is out next month. Also, Ben intends to get his black belt.”

S] How do you look back at the success of ‘Body Blood’ now, six months on?

L] “At the risk of sounding like a total dick, we don’t tend to look back.”

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