Band Spotlight: MXMS [Me And My Shadow]

By Dom Smith
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For our next band spotlight, we chat to New York’s own MXMS (Me And My Shadow). The “funeral pop” project is made up of Jeremy Dawson (also of Shiny Toy Guns) and Ariel Levitan. We chat to the pair about the inspirations and ideas that led to the music’s creation, and its future.

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S] Why MXMS (Me And My Shadow) where did that name come from?

J] “The name is derived from the constant battle between a human and its ego.  The battle between self-will and a will to stay unselfish.”

S] Obviously the lyrics to these tracks are very personal, can we look at ‘omg’ first – what inspired that one?

A] “’Omg’ was the song that brought us together. Written at the very moment when someone that meant everything to you suddenly wasn’t responding anymore.”

S] Do you have a favourite space or location to write together, or is it all studio-based?

J] “We stay and work in New York City mostly. We met in Los Angeles and we have this room with no lights called the ‘mirrorball machine’ that we tracked a lot in; but we left California quickly because of the inspiration inside of Ariel’s home city. Alicia Keys had a good point we think [on ‘Empire State Of Mind’].”

S] You’ve talked about soundtracking films – what would be the perfect film for you to put your music to, and why?

A] “We are working on some very interesting underground shorts soon. Everything we do is based on a follow of intuition; so if something magical that connects the way we connect with each other than it will be perfect.”

S] How was your first show?

A] “Oh it was just beautiful. I was carried from an ancient freight elevator in a casket across a runway of blue candles wearing a 20 foot black hooded dress. Our first show was literally a funeral; an art collision between MXMS and the incredible designer Asher Levine for the finale of NY fashion week. It was so perfect; we even had our first ever obituary for the press.”


S] Do you envision this project having big enough legs to come over to the UK in the next few years? 

J] “Years? We fancy months. Even if we have to swim. The dark skies of England are calling us and we want to answer; and meet the band White Lies because they are perfect.”

A] “I want a castle.”

For more information visit the MXMS Twitter.

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