Band Spotlight: Nada Surf

By January 21, 2020 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Matthew Caws about success, new music and inspirations.

How are you doing today? 

Great, thank you!

How are you looking forward to releasing ‘Never Not Together’?

I can’t wait to get it out. It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since the last record, but i got married and had a child, so was focused on other things. This one felt really really good to write and record and all of us in the band are excited about it.

How do you define success nowadays?

Feeling good about myself. Feeling like I’m doing good work. that’s all. We try to put everything in the right place to have a successful career, and I’ll always work towards that, but that’s not the metric that matters to me. I want to feel good as a person.

What are your biggest challenges as a band now?

Probably life/work balance. We absolutely love touring but most of us have families and want to be with them so the challenge is figuring out exactly how much to tour so that each side can be healthy.

What motivates you now, outside of music – think specific people and places?

I’m motivated by the luck of being alive, wonder at how it all works (the planet, nature, people), the brilliance that is everywhere – you can’t walk five feet without crossing a great book or movie or album or artwork – brilliant minds (same, they’re everywhere), the feeling I have after a great night’s sleep – kind of rare, but the greatest drug.

How do you look back at the success of ‘Popular’ and ‘High/Low’ now?

It was really fun to have a “pop moment.” I would definitely notice it a lot more if it happened now. my whole life has been a slow pulling back of blinders, I’m more and more aware of details as I get older.

All-in-all, I’m really glad that song and album got as much attention as they did, because it was a great foundation for the more “indie” career that we had after. It was luxurious to re-start with a name that people were familiar with.

What would you like the Nada Surf legacy to be?

I have no attachment to our legacy really. Just like I don’t identify with wanting to be remembered after I’m dead. That being said, I understand that having had some success already is probably what makes me feel free of that desire. am I avoiding the question?

Let’s see…. a good live band who wrote good songs and made good records. Ah, here it is: a band that made songs you want to listen to on repeat. that means a lot to me, maybe because it’s what i’m always looking for as a listener.

You’ve got some dates coming up in the UK, what are you most looking forward to about coming back?

I live in Cambridge and I’m looking forward to starting our next tour there because it saves me a day’s travel! But also, I love touring in the UK because of the musical tradition. It goes without saying that so much of the music that I love comes from there.

Thanks for your time today!