Band Spotlight: Naked Six

By September 19, 2016 Band, Spotlight

Naked Six are one of the most exciting pure rock bands to come out of Yorkshire in the last decade. Here, we chat to vocalist Seb Byford about the music’s inspiration, as well as the group’s future plans.


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S] How did the band form?

We all met each other in school when we were about 14-years-old, and started jamming together about a year ago. It all just went from there really, something just clicked if you know what I mean.

S] How do you feel about York’s rock music scene?

There’s actually quite a good rock scene in York at the moment: like at Fullyfest, where all of York’s best bands came down to play and enjoy the music. Dan [Gott] also runs the Behind the White Door gigs down at the Fulford Arms, which is great for the York scene. Yorfest is a great festival in York as well, which we’re very fortunate and pleased to be playing on the main stage.

Northern Radar gigs are really good as well, put on our good mate Simon Pattinson, he helps York bands out a lot and we’re really grateful for the gig he put us on at The Crescent, which is a great venue. There are some great rock bands around York at the moment.

S] What keeps you guys passionate outside of music – think people, places and movies for example?

We’re pretty much in the studio most of the time, writing and rehearsing, but outside of that we go to gigs, get drunk have a good time, ya know? We are quite active people though we like to be outside, go surfing, skating and living near the coast, naturally we like to spend a lot of time at the beach.


S] Talk to us about how your surroundings inspire your music, if at all?

We’ve all grown up in musical families so we’ve been listening to the classics from day one. England is the home of British Classic Rock like Led Zeppelin and Cream so we’re pleased to be a part of it. Also, Yorkshire is a beautiful county so there’s a lot to be inspired by. Where we record and write is in the middle of nowhere, It’s really peaceful and we can play as loud as we want without pissing off the neighbours.

Talk us through the writing process, lyrically what inspires you, on The Way I Feel for example?

For the writing the process, usually I’ll come up with the original idea and we’ll work from that, each individually adding in our own little twists, making the band what it is today. The lyrics are usually inspired by thoughts, feelings, anything that’s floating around up there really? The Way I Feel, well it’s about being 18 really and growing up in general. It’s a pretty tough world out there for people our age.

Seb, how do your family feel about your musical ventures?

I’m very fortunate to have a family that give me so much support and get behind everything I do. Music is in my dad’s [Biff Byford, Saxon] blood so it’s good to keep it in the family.

What are your aims and goals for the rest of the year?

Keep jamming and just carry on making music, sign a record deal, make an album and see wh­ere the tide takes us!