Band Spotlight: Peach Club

By January 20, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Kat Revell and Char Hart from Peach Club about music, and inspirations.


Talk us through the band’s inspirations outside of music – people, places, games and more?

K] My biggest inspirations are the people who surround me. Lots of my friends are feminists and the conversations we have about larger social issues really inspire me. I do get a lot of inspiration from films, but that’s mostly for the aesthetic of myself and the band.

What would you say the biggest challenges are for you right now as a band? 

C] One of our biggest challenges right now is really staying on top of everything and making sure we get a fair deal when organising gigs. We don’t have any management so we work between ourselves and with the help of some close friends to work the details out. Things can easily get confusing and forgotten.

What have been some highlights for the band thus far? 

K] Supporting Nova Twins last year was a huge high for me. I really love them and the venue (Camden Assembly) was amazing. The audience were all dancing and singing and it was the most welcoming show.

C] For me, when we were first able to play at Latitude festival in 2016 it was so exciting. I had never been before so being able to play at my first visit was amazing. It was a very small set but I still loved every second of it – being able to play in a forest in the summer.

To what degree is the music a catharsis for all the members of the band? 

K] Music is a huge stress relief for me. When I’m angry about something, writing about it gives me instant relief. Performing these songs live as well gives me a huge buzz because I’m singing about things I’m so passionate about.

How much do you enjoy/hate touring – give us some positives and negatives!?

C] We haven’t properly toured in that sense yet, although we’ve had a few times where we’ve played loads of gigs in such a short amount of time. It can get pretty exhausting but its what we love to do – going back to work or uni afterwards definitely brings you back to earth!

K] Yeah, it’s really tiring and carrying a lot of equipment can be painful, especially when our merch case is an old fashioned suitcase with a wooden handle that gives me blisters haha. But playing is so rewarding, and we get to meet so many lovely people.

What direct experiences inspired, ‘Bad Bitch’?

K] I wrote ‘Bad Bitch’ when I was reflecting on a lot of past relationships. It’s a song about when you finally reach the point where you realise you’re worth so much more than this breakup and how your ex is making you feel. I want it to be an anthem that people can listen to when they need that confidence boost and that reminder that everything will be okay.

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