Band Spotlight: Phoxjaw

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By March 31, 2020 April 15th, 2020 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Danny Garland, bassist and vocalist for alternative metallers, Phoxjaw about new music and inspirations.

How are you guys doing today?

Good. We’re taking this strange time to work on new material, as we have a lot of  ideas for the future of Phoxjaw and working on this project is something that gives us all a real sense of purpose and self-worth.

What would you say is the biggest challenges you face as a band are now?

The challenges not just WE face, but many bands face, is that today’s day is one that is very different to bands pre-social media. In these internet days, people are streaming music more than buying records. We have to all work in-between doing this band at this point and would like to work towards making this our job. Though, if this was it for us, we would all be proud of how far we have come already.

What themes and ideas have directly inspired ‘Royal Swan’?

The record has many different subjects within the tracks, but generally speaking – it’s an album about identity and about being positive about your home. At the time of writing, we had Brexit happening and it was a constant discussion, at a time where it felt confusing for a lot of people. In these times, it’s important to remain proud amongst the fellow people around you, and not feeling alienated – which is how some of us felt.

And as an extension, what inspired ‘Half House’?

Half House came from an unfinished tattoo on my leg. A sanctuary or home crumbling down, and good becoming bad.

How do you define success as a band? 

Getting to play our songs and travel to new places. We love every part of this adventure.

How has Phoxjaw’s mission statement changed over time?

It’s the same as always, in
that we aim ‘big’ and maybe to many people ‘unrealistic’, but we are big
dreamers with a huge imagination. So, why not live in wonderland?

How do you look back at ‘A Playground For Sad Adults’ now?

It’s different for me as I’m very critical about my work, and usually after I finish something, it’s done – and then looking back I’ll pick at it and find imperfections. That’s why as soon as a record is done, I’m thinking about the next one and how it can be more unique and original. Although Playground is a fun EP and I’m super proud of some of the songs on there.

If you could rip out the soundtrack to any film, and replace it with your tunes, what would you pick and why? 

I’d put ‘The Curse Of The Button Man’ in the movie ‘Babe’.

Cheers for your time!

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