Band Spotlight: Reggie And The Full Effect

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By November 3, 2014 Band, Spotlight

We had the great pleasure of a quick chat with Jason Deewes of Reggie And The Full Effect about his ideas, and career. Check it out.


S] How are you doing today, man?

J] “I’m very good, thank you for asking.”

S] How has the feedback been to the tour so far?

J] “The feedback is excellent, a very very strong line-up of bands so it will be a lot of fun.”

S] Are there plans to bring Reggie over to the UK?

J] “I would love to, I know there are a lot of old and new Reggie fans there. I haven’t had any offers yet.”


S] What are your biggest inspirations outside of music – think people, places and art?

J] “My mom and dad, the have had my back for a long time through thick and thin.”

S] “What experiences inspired ‘Super Croc vs Mega Doosh’?

J] Its the experience of being older now. In my 20s with the Get Up Kids and Coalesce, I was young and just learning how this whole industry works, unless you are the luckiest person in the world, you will make every mistake possible at least two times in your career. from stepping away and now stepping back I am wiser to what really goes on.”

S] Where were you when you came up with the idea for ’37’?

J] “I was in my bed about two weeks before my birthday. I saw something move in a shadow and I thought….’Well this is it, the monsters have come to take me to their universe so i can play in their band too…’ I play in a lot of bands in this universe!”

S] What were a couple of the best experiences of recording ‘No Country For Old Musicians’ with some of your good friends?

J] “Ed Rose [producer] and I could do a record every week. we work so well together, it is amazing recording with him.”

S] How do you feel about your place in the music industry now, and how have your aims and goals changed and developed since you started out?

J] “I’ve always been in a weird place in the industry. most people don’t understand what Reggie is. which is fine with me. My goals with Reggie are the same as always and thats to use music to make people smile.”

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