Band Spotlight: SPQR

By October 6, 2017 Band, Spotlight

Check out our latest band spotlight on Liverpool-based experimental-alternative rock act, SPQR.


S] What inspires your sound?

Heavy guitar music primarily – particularly 3 piece bands in that respect. I find any lyrics that are honest, close to the bone and a little uncomfortable very inspiring. I want to feel involved in the songwriters life, potentially because mine isn’t so interesting!

S] What are your biggest challenges as a band right now?

This is a bit of a boring answer, but money. Being in a band at the stage we are at demands certain things, and the means of acquiring those things can only come from us! Everything is incredibly expensive from amps and equipment to CD duplication. BUT, we all work really hard to earn that money and I can’t really complain. Besides that, it’s a dream!

S] Can you talk us through the direct inspirations behind Suffer?

‘Suffer’ is about “selling yourself” to people. Changing your personality to suit someone else, to make them feel good to your own detriment, and about the feeling that leaves you with.

S] Is there a consistent theme running through ‘The House That Doubt Built’?

The House That Doubt Built is about falling in love, for real. It’s about real love and how difficult that is to truly acquire.

S] Talk us through some of your inspirations outside of music – think art, people, places for example?

People inspire me, in good and bad ways. All my music is about people, and how I perceive the way people are and the things they do. I am inspired by situations and interactions. That’s mostly it! One day I hope to be inspired by places; places only help get me in a certain mind-set at the moment, but as with all things, I’m constantly changing and so is the music, so we will see what inspires me in the future!