Band Spotlight: Sustinere

By Dom Smith
By February 3, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest band spotlight, we chat to Rob Jones (guitar, vocals) and Mike Pearce (drums) of Chester alternative rock two-piece, Sustinere about their music, and inspirations.

How does Chester inspire you?

Mike] Chester was where we met and where we went to Uni so it holds a lot of ‘firsts’ for us, it’s where Sustinere was formed, we also live together and have a lot of friends here.

Chester is a very relaxed place and has a good vibe so when you hear our music, there’s so much juxtaposition to where we live that it just throws the norm out on its arse!

What motivates you outside of music?

Mike] I’ve definitely got a supportive family behind my back, there’s no way I would be able to do what I do if it wasn’t for them, especially with a sister as an actress going head first into the arts industry like myself. Video Games have always been a passion of mine too, there’s nothing that will teach you motivation like a tough as nails video game.

I’ve made so many friends in Chester and they’re all in bands and we all support each other at gigs so to have such a supportive community around us really is amazing.

What have your biggest challenges been?

Mike] Our biggest challenge has been Transport and Money, neither of us drive in the band so having both our families driving us back and forth to gigs is so helpful and we can’t thank them enough.

Money is always a factor when you’re a couple of post graduate musicians trying to get your band started, since we’re a band not motivated by money it’s just nice if we can go play somewhere and cover our costs, nothing beats a bunch of fans bobbing along to music you wrote.

Talk us through your inspirations as a band?

Rob] I think a lot of people say Royal Blood when they see us and I agree from an aesthetic point of view, as we’re also a two piece! They definitely inspired us in the sense of it’s possible to do!

Musically it’s been a lot of We Are Scientists, and Billy Talent, which helped when trying to fill out our sound as much as we can with one guitar.

Talk us through the writing process?

Rob] It’s varied a lot since we started, I used to record all the demos just guitar and drums on my iPad and just bring it to rehearsal, now it’s usually just an idea and we work it out together! the songs seem to come a lot quicker way.

Career highlight so far?

Rob] We’ve both been in some other bands and played some really cool shows but I think our first show at Telford’s warehouse in Chester stands out for us!

It’s a really nice feeling when people are singing your songs back to you and headbanging just as much as I am! Either that or the stage invasion at the SU bar! That was manic!

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  •' Steve Ray says:

    Cracking band have seen thm several times now. Looking forward to seeing them live at Telfords in chester on friday the 9th. Quite excited to hear there new stuff.

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