Band Spotlight: Taffy

By July 22, 2019 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Iris from alt-guitar-pop band, Taffy.

What are the biggest challenges that Taffy faces as a band right now?

As for now, we’ve just finished our recording and waiting for it to be released, I guess our challenges would be the forthcoming UK tour this summer. And as a band we hope to tour around the world more, like the US, and to spread more of this Taffy sound.

We did a little US tour in 2014 and 2015, which we found that we’ve already had a bit of our fan base though it was our first US tour. Since then, we’ve been really wanting to go back there as we do in the UK, and hoping to do so sometime soon.

What motivates you outside of music, think specific people, places and movies for example?

Well,,, it’s simply everyday life. Everything I see, hear, feel, connects me to my music. And to be specific, friends, especially people who are related to the band, and the band members give me a lot of emotion and that often motivates me.

All the great musicians and artists such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Charlatans, Mogwai and many many more, just seeing what they do, being around them is such an honour and very inspiring.  I love how we all do what we do in each original way and keep doing what we’re doing. And yes, I watch a lot of movies, any kind, but maybe the suspense movies are my favourite. Speaking of which, there is a song called ‘The Bates’ in our new album and it’s about this character Norman Bates in the movie ‘Psycho’. So..yes, just everything is motivation to my music, and..everything!

How does your new material push you in new ways as musicians?

The chorus is one of the themes in Taffy so we’ve tried a lot of choruses in this album, which I’ve been wanting to try. Until now, I did all of Taffy’s choruses by myself but with four different voices, but this time, we were able to try so many things with all the members, and it was even hard to decide who to sing what and what to use or not. We all loved it, had so much fun and enjoyed it. That was one of the new things and the other is that the new guitarist, Nao, has joined and that was something fresh too.

How are you looking forward to the forthcoming UK shows?

Awww, we’re so very more than excited for we couldn’t tour last year, because we were working on this new album. We will be going to about 10 places but it’s always a shame we can’t make it to every places in the UK.

We always get messages like, “are you coming to my town?”, “you’re not coming to my place this time 🙁 ”, and it’s heartbreaking, but feeling loved at the same time. We are very thankful for the fact that there are people waiting for us to come in each places. We hope to reach as much people as we can .

What does ‘Deep Dark Creep Love’ mean to you as a record on the whole?

Making this album was full of laughter, and happy beautiful time. And I think you can kind of feel that in it. So as titled, this is a ‘Deep Dark Creep Love’ to all of you..and hope it would touch your heart in any ways.. thanks!