Band Spotlight: The Empty Page

By July 5, 2019 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Kel, Jim and Giz of The Empty Page about their music, and inspirations.

S] How are you doing today?

Jim] I’m alright thanks.

Kel] Permanently tired but relatively happy.

Giz] Yeah, I’m good.

S] What challenges are you facing as a band?

Kel] The eternal challenge for us, and probably every independent band, is being able to afford to keep doing it. The cost of rehearsals, recording, pressing, printing tees, gigging, equipment, promotion etc is quite a lot, so that’s actually the only major challenge for us. Because it costs a lot, we also have to work full time, so time management can be an issue too, but we work around it. Bands are like families and sometimes the challenge can be personal relations, but we actually really like each other 99% of the time so that’s ok.

S] What motivates you outside of the band – think people, places and movies for example?

Jim] I have two kids, so them. My eldest will be seven this year and he’s the most thoughtful and funny person I know. You should see his drawings.

Kel] What motivates me in life is a constant (and probably futile) search for an understanding of the human condition. That and my lifelong mission to eat every variety of cheese.

S] How do you define success as an artist now?

Jim] I think if the size of the venues increase and you’ve still got creative integrity, you’re doing alright.

Kel] If one person sings along to your songs at home or at one of your shows and it makes them feel something then you’ve succeeded as a songwriter.

Giz] Success as an artist is just being able to create and perform music and have people be into it.

S] What have you learned about yourself through the music that you’ve made, from the start of it until now?

Jim] We’re honest. We write and play for ourselves and we have done since we started. We’re not trying to please anyone or fit into anything but that doesn’t mean we’re not pushing ourselves either.

Giz] I’ve learned that creativity is an ongoing, ever-evolving thing and there’s always another song to write.

Kel] I’ve come to the realisation that writing songs, without a shadow of a doubt, has saved my life. I am extremely grateful to have this outlet for my overwhelming emotions that so many people don’t have. And I am so grateful to be doing it right now with people I love with all my heart who all have the same vision.

S] How do you feel about your new material…? ‘When The Cloud Explodes’ had a great reception!

Jim] Thank you. I love that song. I’m really happy that so many people love it too.

Kel] Well, of course, we’re very proud of our new material. We are putting out individual tracks at the moment, for a number of reasons, and they’re quite an eclectic bunch. WTCE was an aural punch of a comeback, after too long since our debut (see my answer to Q1!) And we were blown away by the response. He’s Very Good At Swimming is a very different song. It’s really important to us emotionally, the subject matter is heavy, it’s not a 3-minute blast, it’s probably quite a difficult listen, so we’re intrigued to see what the response will be, but we love it.

Giz] Obviously I’m happy with our new songs, we can almost play them live as well!

S] Thanks for your time today!

Kel] No, thank YOU.

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