Band Spotlight: The Full Body Tones

By June 3, 2015 August 26th, 2016 Band, Spotlight
In our next Reverbnation spotlight, we chat to The Full Body Tones.
Full Body Tones

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Hi guys how are you doing today?


FBT] “Hello! We are doing deliciously well! Thank you for asking.”


S] What inspires your music and tracks – in terms of ideas and motivation?


FBT] “Well, we love expanding our minds in terms of music. We don’t like to stick to one genre while listening and recording. That may be the reason for our songs having such a chaotic nature. Always different from the last. We all have idols that influence our processes. Each member of the band has different tastes in artists so our motivation can draw anywhere from Axl rose to Billie-Joe Armstrong, from Sir Paul McCartney to Chris Martin and so on.”


S] What about outside of music – in art, or films – are there any inspirations you draw from?

FBT] “We believe in simplicity as a band. We usually draw our influences from our personal experiences in life. One of those personal experiences includes watching a redonculous amount of Netflix. All of our loves songs are based off the TV series Dexter, with Michael c hall….Not really, It’s Doctor Who.”


S] Do you have any plans to tour the UK soon?


FBT] “We do! We can’t say anything solid at the moment, but big plans for a major tour are in preparation. So keep your eyes on or You can also follow us on!”

S] What are your main plans for the rest of 2015?


FBT] “Currently, we are in the studio working on our re-cut album. Working out some of the kinks of pasts songs and bringing you the best quality possible. That release date will be coming soon. Touring plans, as we said, are in affect as of now. We plan on staying busy till then!”


S] Is there a song that you’re working on right now that you feel like perfectly defines where your band is at right now – what is that song, and why?


FBT] “Absolutely! There are two! Our band is unique in the sense that, like the Beatles and Blink182, we have two singers. That means our sound can be defined in different styles. Currently, our song on American airwaves is called ‘King Of The World’. This song encompasses our harder, more edgy rock style. Loud leads and screaming vocals tear through speakers to show a harder emotion, like a Mr Hyde side of the band. If ‘King Of The World’ is Mr Hyde then our newest song ‘Those Days’ is Dr Jekyll. A sweet explanation of writers block, written into harmonies and chords, portray the struggles of being a songwriter.”