Band Spotlight: The Mysterines

By Dom Smith
By May 27, 2020 Band, Spotlight

In our next Band Spotlight, we chat to Lia Metcalfe of The Mysterines about happiness, inspirations and new music.

S] How are you doing at the moment?

I’m great thank you.

S] What inspired ‘I Win Every Time’?

‘I Win Everytime’ is a somewhat ironic and exaggerated take on a social observation that I became more and more familiar with as I transitioned from a teenage girl to a young woman. I don’t like giving away too much about my songs, but I suppose that’s a summary of the initial inspiration for the lyrics.

S] What’s motivating you outside of music?

Music is the biggest part of my life and always will be, so anything that comes outside of it naturally inspires me to create something with music. I don’t feel the need to be motivated otherwise. I read a lot of literature and poetry and I watch a lot of films, they’re the two biggest catalysts for my ideas. I’m reading De Profundis by Oscar Wilde at the moment, and a collection of John Donne’s poems. I also really enjoy Sylvia Plath and Christina Rosetti’s writing.

S] How do you look back at Take Control as an EP now?

I was very young when I wrote those songs, they’re probably the first proper songs I ever wrote. They’re naive just like I was at the time. It’s sometimes nice to reflect on how much you develop as a writer, but I never did really like those songs much anyway.
S] How do you define success?

I think success, just like happiness, takes on a new meaning for each person. It’s hard to give it one specific definition. For me, it would be to be proud of what I’ve done, and know that I was always true to myself when doing so. Whether people like it or dislike it is out of my hands anyway, it’ll never been a important factor in terms of my personal success.

S] Thanks for your time today!

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