Band Spotlight: The Pizza Underground

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The Pizza Underground finally gets around to doing what we’ve all been thinking about for years: rewriting Velvet Underground songs to be about pizza. Band-members Matt Colbourn (guitar), Deenah Vollmer (pizza box), Austin Kilham (tambourine), Phoebe Kreutz (glockenspiel), and Macaulay Culkin (kazoo) will burn your mouth with low-fi hits like “All the ‘All the Pizza Parties’ (‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’), ‘Pizza, It Hurts’ (‘Venus In Furs), and “Take a Bite of the Wild Slice” (Walk on the Wild Side”)! Teehee, so many pizza puns. Here we chat to the band members about…pizza, and touring the UK.

The Pizza Underground


S] Hi guys, thanks for your time today – what are you up to?

TPU] “Oh, you know, pre-heating our ovens in the proverbial sense.”

S] How have you been looking forward to this tour of the UK?

TPU] “With blood pudding pizza, kidney pizza, pizza and squeek, and bangers and pizza.”

S] Any pizza places, or places in general that you’re looking forward to seeing?

TPU] “We’re particularly interested in any places frequented by Liam and Noel Gallagher.”

S] Can you pick out the most fun pizza-themed cover to work on, which one you enjoyed working on the most?

TPU] “‘Take A Bite Of The Wild Slice’ was fun because we believed it to be a real ode to non-conformity. We love  when we’re able to tackle big issues through pizza. It’s a political thing.”

S] After this tour, what does the band have planned?

TPU] “A crime-solving pizza cartoon a’la Scooby Doo.”

S] If you yourself were a pizza, what flavour would you be and why?  

TPU] “We’re a cheesy bunch, so, cheese pizza probably.”

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