Band Spotlight: The Sunday Sadness

By Dom Smith
By February 20, 2019 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to The Sunday Sadness about success, creating accessible, miserable pop music and more.

How are you guys today?

We’re good ! We’re working a hell lot for the band right now, especially for the release of our EP which is next week. Social media management, merch production, press. We’re also preparing for live shows and when all of this will be done we’ll finish our first full length – sooner than you may think !

Talk us through your inspirations outside of music – think movies, art and people/places?

We get a lot of inspiration just observing how our generation get through life. As our society is moving so fast right now, the youth is facing brand new issues that no one had to deal with 10 years ago mainly because of modernity and all these new devices that control everyone’s life and relations.

Visually we get a lot of inspiration from all the designs you can find in the Synthwave universe : roadtrip by night, neons, city lights and such. Drive is a movie that can illustrate this.

Tumblr is a pretty interesting source of inspiration also. You can find many inspiring pictures, not always taken by professional photographers but mostly by random people, that just took a picture of a singular moment through their daytime with their phone or such and it exudes a feeling of sincerity that touches us particularly. And we just like to scroll down and stop on the pictures that touches us the most and try to write about it.

What would you say are your biggest challenges as artists right now?

We don’t want to go through the routine of writing songs with the same formula over and over. Neither do we want to stick to a specific genre. We’re always looking for new ideas or for new elements to include into our songs and we almost never use patterns of composition. We wanna make our fans discover new sounds and new styles as we keep on writing.

How do you define success as a band?

In our opinion, success is selling out shows. Playing in packed venue, to a crowd that is singing all the words along with us. Having them learning our lyrics, coming here and unite would be our biggest accomplishment so far. When the crowd’s voices will be as loud as ours we’ll be successful.

A favourite couple of tracks from the record are ‘Someone’ and ‘Sad Songs’ – can you describe the lyrical/personal inspiration behind those for us?  

‘Someone’ is the band’s favorite song. We have this very particular connection with the Sunday. Everything is so calm on Sundays, every place feels deserted. You just get bored on Sundays and beside the upsetting thought of having to go to work the day after, you always tend to think a lot about subjects you don’t really wanna think about. That’s what we wanted to tell about in our song, ‘Someone’. Basically, it sounds like a breakup song, but the ache of the breakup is mostly caused by the overthinking you go through.

Sad Songs is about questioning yourself. While writing the lyrics we were inspired by the actual feeling of our generation : all young adults lost in their lives, unsure about what they want, and afraid of the future. We know of many people of our age who doesn’t seem to be able to move forward and that get caught up in vices as soon as they get through something, that’s something we wanted to express.

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