Band Spotlight: Triangle Triangle Triangle

By Dom Smith
By July 9, 2018 July 14th, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Tim Fox (formerly of cult blues rockers, Hijak Oscar) about his new band, Triangle Triangle Triangle. Ever mysterious (and slightly confusing), Mr. Fox cryptically unveils the group’s future [astral] projections.


S] How are you all?

T] We’re as happy as Prince Andrew, watching My Super Sweet 16.

S] How did Triangle Triangle Triangle develop as a band?

T] 13.3 billion years after The Big Bang, a sorcerer-king by the name of John Major (no relation) forged us out of one bit of clay.

S] What have been the biggest challenges for the band so far?

Mirrors, [we] just don’t understand them.

S] what has each member learned about themselves since embarking on this journey?

T] That nothing worthwhile is accomplished without courage and determination.

S] what other inspirations outside of music inspire the creative process?

T] The way that sometimes, you can see a rainbow contained inside a cloud.

S] what are the plans with triangle for the rest of the year?

T] Aside from prolifically writing, arguing and recording, we’re hoping to hold an absurd launch gig staged inside a boxing ring with some Young Thugs and all their gang on October 12, with more information to follow. Also got 2 EPs awaiting release in the next couple of months. [The first, titled] ‘Mount Olympus’, and then ’21st Century Throwback’.

S] How would you like your work to impact the listener ideally?

T] Initial spasm, then a period of catatonic fizzing, followed by a profound, building sense of well being, culminating in a dizzying crescendo of synesthesia and wild euphoria. Ideally.

Triangle Triangle Triangle is: Tim Fox – Vocals,Banjo, Harmonica / Charly McCabe – vocals / Anthony Bandeira Falkenburg – Guitar / Stu Fletcher – Bass / Joseph Michael Darius Wolstencroft – Drums

For more information on the band, click the image below…

*Main image art: Joel Whitaker 

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