Band Spotlight: Vulgarians

By Dom Smith
By March 15, 2017 Band, Spotlight

In our latest band spotlight, we chat to Hull alt-rock powerhouse, Vulgarians.


S] How’s touring been?

Touring this year has been great so far. We did some dates with our mates, The Wytches, which was a real good time, and now we have a break from shows for a while to write a load of new material. Then we’ll be heading out on our headline tour in May which we’re really excited about. Vulgarians, all grown up.

S] What’s been a highlight of this year so far?

I’d say touring with the aforementioned boys and also releasing the first single from our new EP. It’s had a really nice response so far and it’s made us even more excited to get the whole thing out and tour it.

S] Talk us through the development of ‘Hands Around The Waste’ and the experiences that led to it?

‘Hands Around The Waste’ was a funny one. Ryan came with a baseline idea originally, then Moo (Luke Ellerington) came up with this jazzy riff in practice, then we all started doing jazzy parts on each instrument. It was all a big laugh and then we realised it actually sounded great together. So it kinda grew from there. Put the other parts of the song together and all of a sudden we’d written a disco ballad. Weird. The lyrics came from Ryan having a strange/hilarious conversation with a taxi driver in Hull. Telling tales of his bizarre life. Good old Hull.

S] What about ‘Almost Extinct…’ as a whole?

The EP as a whole is a collection of songs that all sound quite different – we were keen to explore a little with this one; with the last one really having one ‘sound’. And I think we achieved that, whilst still being happy with how the record flows. It comes out on May 5th – we’re excited for everyone to hear it.

S] What’s keeping you passionate now, outside of music – think people, places and things?

We’re all busy working whenever we’re not together doing band stuff, but we spend most of our spare time wrapped up in this band. We love it so it’s cool. We also get out to as many shows in Hull and afar that we can, too. We do that quite a lot. I (Connor) just did six weeks in South America in December/January so that was pretty cool too. Ryan and Jodie went to Berlin and Amsterdam, and Moo is heading to Munich soon for a wee break too. Literally most things we do involve music in some capacity, though, so other than holidays that’s a tricky one, ha.

S] What’s inspiring you most about Hull right now?

It’s a great year to be in Hull, the whole city of culture programme is pretty inspiring. There are a load of amazing things going on and so many great people in Hull driving the arts of this city into the stratosphere. It’s a privilege to be a part of. We also take a lot of inspiration from friends in other bands doing really well. It’s nice to see guys you know/have played with kicking on.

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