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From out of darkness there is light, and with desire and passion comes success. Hull’s industrial powerhouses Systemyk have all that passion entangled within their music. Things have not always been so easy for the band, but they have come through it. In 2008, their strongest year so far they have a new record deal and record: “Cross Contamination”. With well received live appearances and a loyal fan base the band are all set to take the Industrial genre to new heights in 2009 with a new record on the horizon.

Systemyk have been a force and part of the East Yorkshire metal scene since the bands formation i2002. From out of darkness there is light, and with desire and passion comes success.
Systemyk have all that passion entangled within their music. This year has been their best yet, but it has not always been so easy.

The fivesome have been a force and part of the Yorkshire Goth scene since their formation in 2002. They have been gigging for three of those five years, beginning under a different band name. After the original singer left the band, they decided to keep going under this name and within a year of searching they found another vocalist to help them progress.      

They recorded two demos What Makes Me Human in 2004 and their follow up The Victim (produced by Greg Mackintosh of Paradise Lost) in 2005. Their second vocalist left due to musical differences and they had a diary full of tour dates to complete. Beginning another hunt for a new vocalist they soon found Danny. After completing their tour with a new singer and a more aggresive and raw sound the band set about recording again. In 2006 “The Truth Reclaimed” was released (again produced by Mackintosh) and the group moved forward confident that they had found a successful formula with which to succeed and make a permanent mark within the metal industry.    

Late in the same year they were picked up by Casket Records (an indie label based in Oxford) who have helped the success of many popular metal bands of the moment including Forever Never and Panic Cell. Guitarist Lee said that it was a great time for the band: “The record deal definitely gave us that confidence boost we needed. It was a sense of achievement, knowing all the hard work we’ve put in had paid off. But it has taught us to keep pushing, keep working and good things come to those who wait.”  
Though the release of the bands first album Cross Contamination, marked a massive step up the vast industry ladder last year, there have also been a few low points as Danny points out: “The lowest point for myself was the bad reviews from British critics we had for the demos and even the album. I read reviews that really like us from all over the globe, and it just tends not to be here, it grates on me.”   

The bands opinion is that the Northern alternative music scene is genuinely under rated and keyboardist Phil said that the group are prepared to take it to the next level with their different breed of music: “I think we bring a sense of freshness and originality to the music scene. With our blend of metal we have a song for everyone, dance, electro, ballads and I think that makes us different and I believe we are constantly improving.”  

Systemyk’s charm comes from their very family like aesthetic, Danny said that his role in the band gives him purpose: “I would give anything to make this my career to have such talented people to work with and make a living from being on the stage doing what I love. It means to the world to me.”
Phil echoes this positive outlook when we talks about the band: “Systemyk for me is about being with your best mates enjoying yourself writing music. I see our sound as a virus, and to us that means that we can affect the whole of a person; I believe we do that to our fans and the people who enjoy our music.”
The band have recently replaced former drummer Mike who left due to personal reasons in July. His role has been taken over by Matt Collinge who is also a member of York Industrial outfit [DIGI]Core. Lee says that the members feel refreshed and are excited about their current direction: “We are so busy at the moment, but it feels like a great time to be a part of this.”

Systemyk will tour the Czech Republic in October and they are currently writing new material ready for showcasing live into the new year.

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