Reverbnation Spotlight: Blest Mess

By October 28, 2015 July 9th, 2016 Band, Spotlight

In our next band spotlight, we chat to Miss Chris, vocalist for Blest Mess.

Blest Mess

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S] What are you up to right now?

MC] “We are doing Pre-production work for the second album to be released in 2016.”

S] Talk to us about the formation of the band?

MC] “In 2011, I decided to take my own catalog of music and start my own band. I sing, play guitar, write the music, manage the band, and own the record label. Randi became the permanent Bass Player in 2012 and started to contribute to the songwriting being used on the upcoming second album. Drummers have been interchangeable.”

S] What sort of things inspire you guys outside of music – think films and book for example?

MC] “Independent Films, Horror Films and Documentaries. Randi enjoys working on Muscle Cars and Welding. Peoples lives inspire me. I love people !!! I enjoy travelling and exploring other cultures.”

S] What’s been the highlight of your career thus far?

MC] “The Germany and UK Tours. Also, having the opportunity to meet people who enjoy our music abroad.”

S] What track that you guys are working on right now, or have released do you feel perfectly defines what the band is all about?

MC] “The F.U. Song … LOL”

S] What are your main plans for the rest of this year?

MC] “To find a Drummer on every continent … LOL. Also, we are going to finalize the second album.”

S] Thanks so much guys!

MC] “Thanks Dom for this interview.”

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