Reverbnation Spotlight: Mind’s Eye

By June 11, 2016 Band, Spotlight

In our next Reverbnation Spotlight, we chat to Jackson of Mind’s Eye about his music, and influences.

Mind's Eye

S] What keeps you passionate outside of music – think films and people and places for example?

History, my grade 11 history teacher really turned me on to european history. I especially find the World Wars fascinating. Winston Churchill vs Adolf Hitler, Good vs Evil. Come to think of it, Good vs Evil is a thing for me. I am also totally into Batman and try to understand his inner struggles.

S] What are your major plans for this year?

My Major plan for this year to release my new EP, ‘ Chains’ and to also release a few music Video’s to accompany the audio release. As always, I hope to expand my fan base and be noticed by some of the larger players in the industry.

S] What song best describes where you are at as a band right now, and why?

I would say my song “Tears” best represents where I am right now. The song has some orchestral parts through out while still maintaining a beat driven rock sound, with some soulful vocals.

S] What has been a career highlight so far?

So far, my career highlight is being noticed by Canada’s premier Music Blogger Alan Cross. Alan has mentioned me a few times over the last few months. It means so much to me to receive some positive feedback from a industry professional that I truly respect and admire.

S] Any message for UK fans?

Yes, my music is totally UK influenced. All of my favourite bands and artists are from the UK. Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, Florence + the Machine. If you like any of these bands, you are sure to like my music. One of the things I hear most about my music is that it sounds very UK. I totally take this as the biggest compliment, because that is exactly what I am striving for.